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The Gutter Mount included in our package deals is a basic yet good quality mount in black, complete with 4m of cable and plug fitted.

It is designed to fix to conventional gutters around the side of the vehicle - two screw pins tighten down into the trough of the gutter, these need to make a metal-to-metal connection with the vehicle, so you may need to scrape a small area of paint and sealant away before you get a good connection. The points these pins make contact are only a couple of square millimetres so you don't have to go mad with a file!

The cable connects on the guttermount with a low-profile connector with moulded rubber weathershield. The norm is to mount the guttermount on the right hand side of the vehicle, bring the cable in through the passenger door jam. (You may need to slit the door rubber slightly just to make a space for the cable to sit in. This relieves some of the pressure on the cable when the door is closed, and also helps to keep the cable in place so it doesn't "flop out" when the door is opened.)

The Standard Guttermount Kit is supplied with a 4m cable, if you plan to mount it towards the back of the vehicle, you may need our 2m Aerial Cable Extension.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION As described above, guttermounts make their earth connection via the two pins that tighten down into the bottom of the gutter - you will need to scrape away any paint and sealant etc to do this... On alluminium Land Rovers the metal will start to oxidise if not protected (this will break down the earth connection) - you can prevent this by carefully sealing the points where the pins meet metal with a zinc based paint (most "red" rust inhibiting paints are) or spraying over the area with a plastic sealant spray.

Note : To correctly set up an aerial on this mount, you will need an SWR meter. Info

SPECIAL OFFER : If you buy an SWR meter at the same time as a package, you get a FREE lead