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Opek PSM-1 Side/Rear Mount Photos



The PSM-1 mount is a very popular choice for fitting on the back of a Land Rover - just below the roof line, on the back.

It's strong and well made as well as being attractive and neat, and keeps all the cable and connections on the inside, so there's no chance of them getting caught in branches etc, like gutter and mag mounts.

The mount holds on with two bolts, this is also where the cable connects on, with ring terminals - we fit these on the cable supplied in the package.

In our package deals, this mount comes supplied with a 5m lead, long enough to reach the back of a SWB 4x4 - if you want to fit this on the back of a 110 (for example) you will need to upgrade the cable to a 7m one by adding this item to the basket as well as the package : 7m Aerial Cable Instead Of 5m.

Note : To correctly set up an aerial on this mount, you will need an SWR meter. Info

SPECIAL OFFER : If you buy an SWR meter at the same time as a package, you get a FREE lead