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7 Inch Magnetic Mount ("Supergripper") Photos


We have two magnetic mount options in our package deals, this one is called the Supergripper and is 7 inches in diameter.

The other magmount is 5 inches in diameter so is suitable for vehicles that have ridges along the roof like Mitsubishi Pajero & Shogun, Discovery 3, Hyundai Santa Fe, etc.

The Super Gripper magnetic mount is a high quality and very strong 7 inch diameter mag with a rubber boot to prevent scratches and a moulded stud where the aerial screws in and the cable comes out (better resistance to water than the cheap type with washers etc).

Unlike most mounts, the magmount does not need to make a metal-to-metal connection, as long as the piece of metal you want to put it on is at least a couple of feet wide and long, then it should work fine. This means that it can be fixed onto bonnets as well as roofs.

Obviously, magnets won't stick to alluminium but...

The magmount is an obvious choice if you have a steel roofed vehicle (Discovery, Suzuki, Trooper etc) or maybe just want to have a temporary "fit it when you need it" CB system.

Just plonk it on the roof, bring the cable in through a window or door jam - if it' going to be a permanent fixture it may help if you slit the door rubber slightly just to make a space for the cable to sit in, this relieves some of the pressure on the cable when the door is closed, and also helps to keep the cable in place so it doesn't "flop out" when the door is opened.

The Super Gripper magmount comes with a rubber "bung" that pushes into female thread so you can remove the aerial and still keep it watertight.

Note : To correctly set up an aerial on this mount, you will need an SWR meter, Info - although for magmounts this is not as crucial as all other mounts, as you don't have to worry about a metal-to-metal earth with a magmount.

SPECIAL OFFER : If you buy an SWR meter at the same time as a package, you get a FREE lead