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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
4 X 4 CB
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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQS related to 4x4 - Midland 48 Plus Multi Package Deal   £132.00

Q) Can I connect an external speaker to the CB?
  • Yes, there is a standard 3.5mm jack socket on the back of this radio for an external speaker.
    Plugging a speaker into this will cut all sound out of the internal speaker.
    Product Link : Extension Speakers

Q) What position should the Mic Gain control be in?
  • Mic Gain is a volume control for your transmitted audio... if this is turned down you will transmit silence.

    Under normal use, this control should be turned up fully clockwise.

Q) What position should the RF Gain control be in?
  • RF Gain is the receiver sensitivity control... if this is turned down you will only hear people very close to you.

    Under normal use, this control should be turned up fully clockwise.

Q) What is the DX/Local switch?
  • This switch is an on/off control for the RF Gain, which controls the receiver sensitivity.

    In normal use, this switch should be set to DX (distance).

    If switched to local, and if the RF gain control is turned down, you will only hear very local signals.

Q) Why have an RF Gain control?
  • In the "olden days" CB's had RF gain control so that if you were receiving interference from a strong signal on a nearby channel, you could turn the receiver sensitivity down and get rid of the interference, while still (hopefully) being able to hear the person you were speaking to.

    Nowadays, there are fewer users on the CB (and double the number of channels there used to be), and modern CB's are much better filtered so the chance of getting such interference is much less, so the need for the RF gain control isn't really there anymore.

Q) Why have a Mic Gain control?
  • In the "olden days" of CB, power microphones were very popular with users, in an effort to make their transmitted audio louder than standard.

    With these mics, there was often the need to turn the transmitted volume down within the set (although the mics usually had/have a volume control also), in order to avoid "overmodulation" (distortion).

    Nowadays, most CB's use a different type of microphone insert, and power mics don't make that much difference (except add distortion if turned up too far) so the need for the Mic Gain control is not so great.

    99.9% of people will be best suited to having the Mic Gain control turned up fully.

Q) What do the quick up and quick down buttons do?
  • These buttons move channel by 10 channels in either the up or down direction, making changing channels and "flicking around the band" easier.

    If you are on channel 10 and you want to go to channel 30, you only need press a button twice, instead of twist the channel change knob until you reach 30.

Q) Where is the CB's speaker?
  • Like most CB's the speaker is on the underside.

Q) Can i still talk/listen on the CB when the CB is in PA mode?
  • No, switching over to PA disables the receive and transmit functions of the CB, so instead of being transmitted, your voice comes out of the PA speaker at high volume!

Q) Does the PA facility have a volume control
  • Yes, the CB's main volume control acts as a volume control for the PA, allowing you to adjust it so that you avoid feedback but still get a good loud sound.

Q) How do you change the Frequency Band to the UK band?
  • 1 ... With the radio switched off, press and hold both the "AM/FM" and "SCAN" buttons whilst turning on the radio

    2 ... After the radio switches on, let go of the held buttons (you have to take your fingers off the buttons as soon as you see all the segments in the display appear) - the current frequency band code will show on the display

    3 ... Select the UK code by going up or down through the available codes with the channel knob

    4 ... Press the "AM/FM" button to confirm and store the selected band code

    If you go abroad, this is the procedure you should use to choose the apprpriate frequency band for where you are travelling.

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