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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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TTi TCB-1100 (CTCSS Enabled)   
   Product #2021   
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TTI TCB-1100

£125 + £8 for Next Working Day Courier Delivery (Weekdays)
Lowest Price - Guaranteed

TTi's flagship CB - an excellent quality, front-facing speaker, multi-standard set which can operate on either 12v or 24v without user adjustment. Large LCD display and backlighting of the controls which you can choose to be either green, amber or blue.

Our Opinion :
The TTI TCB-1100 has a very high quality feel to it, both in physical terms and with the features it has - it feels and behaves more like a professional business radio than a CB.
It features CTCSS which is a version of squelch which allows the user to set a code and only when the radio hears that corresponding code from another set will the squelch open and sound be heard. This is ideal for people wanting to run a "closed group" so you'll only hear people who have a CTCSS enabled radio with the same code programmed in.
It has a host of other features too making this a very comprehensive CB.
It's supplied with both a normal mounting bracket and a DIN cage for fitting into a spare car stereo sized slot in a dash or cubbybox etc. All in all, an excellent high spec radio.

TTi TCB-1100
In Stock for
Immediate Despatch
Next Day Courier Service
Monday - Friday
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    SIZE :
  • 190 mm Wide
  • 58 mm High
  • 165 mm Deep

  • Legal in UK and most of Europe
  • CTCSS Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System in addition to normal operation of squelch as well as "DSS Dynamic Squelch System" which constantly monitors incoming signal and decides if its wanted signals or background noise and allows the wanted signals through but mutes the background noise. There are 38 different codes you can use.
  • VOX (voice activated transmission) features allows handsfree operation. VOX sensitivity (the level of sound needed to trigger transmit) adjustable in 3 stages
  • Large backlit LCD display shows channel number, frequency, band, received signal strength / transmitted power and legends for all functions. Can be switched for either green, amber oir blue backlighting - all buttons and surrounds to rotary controls also have back lighting. Backlighting can also be dimmed in 3 stages - high, low or off.
  • Programmable main memory channel
  • Quality microphone with up/down channel change and Lock buttons - lock button can also activate a mute function, silencing the radio, handy if you need to speak to someone out of th window or receive a phone call - allowing you to return volume to where it was before, without having to mess around with the volume and squelch again.
  • Voice compander circuitry for clearer transmitted audio
  • TOT Time Out Timer function allows you to set a maximum time that the radio will transmit for - very handy if for example your passenger sits on the mic or something gets pressed against the transmit button... you won't be driving around all day transmitting, wondering why you're not hearing anyone!
  • Scan facility sweeps the current band looking for busy channels - programmable for how long it stays listening to a busy channel once one is found and for how quickly it starts scanning again once the found transmission finishes
  • Scan Memory allows you to memorise channels that have activity on them, and then allows you to scan just them
  • 9/19 button for instant access to the emergency channel (09) and the calling channel (19)
  • Last Channel Recall (LCR) facility takes you back to the last channel you were active on
  • Can be set to just the UK band or UK and EU mode where the EU band follows directly after the UK band - no need for a separate band change button
  • Dual Watch facility allows monitoring of 2 channels at once
  • Call Tone feature allows you to transmit a calling tone to alert others that you are there - 5 tones to choose from
  • Confirmation tones which beep whenever you press a button can be switched off - excellent!
  • Microphone socket is on the right hand side of the unit, so if the CB is mounted centrally in your dash, the mic lead doesn't get tangled in your gear lever as it would if it came out of the left side... a small point but a definite plus
  • Extension speaker output socket on the back, with EXT legend in the display to indicate when when an external speaker is connected

  • Standard Mounting bracket with fixing screws and side screws for set
  • DIN mounting sleeve for fixing the unit into a standard car stereo sized slot in your dash etc
  • Power lead with non-reversible quick disconnect and inline fuse
  • Screw-on Microphone clip (screw to side of set or somewhere inside the car)
  • Instruction manual

PACKAGE DEAL Complete kit with TTI TCB-1100, aerial, mount and cable... save money
CIGARETTE LIGHTER PLUG FITTED We can fit a cigar plug to the power lead for you... it's only £2 !

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