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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Euro CB EC-990 Echo Chamber - 6 pin TTI plug (for all 6 pin TTI CB's) YouTube Demo Video!   
   Product #2069   
Inc. VAT

An excellent quality echo chamber for use on TTi 6 pin wired CB's.

As there is not a factory wired version of the EC-990 echo chamber for TTi radios, this is a 4 pin one where we rewire the output lead (the one that goes to the CB) with a TTi 6 pin plug, but you will need a 4 pin mic to plug into the front of it. We do a version of this TTi wired EC-990 that comes with a new mic here : TTi 6 pin wired EC-990 with dynamic mic and this is the option most people take but if you already have a spare 4 pin mic that you could use with this echo chamber it probably makes sense to buy this version instead.

However, as there have been various configurations of the 4 pin wiring over the years, we will need to know what CB your mic was originally used with. You must tell us this at the time of ordering by putting the CB make and model in the "special instructions" box provided in checkout. Failure to do this will lead to delays in despatch.

99% of 4 pin CB's are one of two different wirings, "Uniden/Cobra" or "Cybernet" but there have been a handful of others over the years - this chamber is available in versions compatible with mics from both the main wirings but if your mic is wired to one of the handful of others these will not work and you would be better off purchasing the "TTi 6 pin wired EC-990 with dynamic mic" mentioned above.

If you want to check what wiring your mic has, you can use our contact us form so we can check and tell you.

These are great fun and highly adjustable so you can have just a hint of echo or go completely over the top - or anything in between!!

The echo delay control has a wide range of adjustment and creates a "reverb" effect when set to the lowest delay time... the more you you increase the delay time, the more time there is between "repeats" so you can go through whats called a "slapback" effect right the way through to a classic long repeat time Echo. (Watch the video below to hear it in action!)

    Main Features:
  • Adjustable echo level and echo delay time
  • 10 segment LED output meter
  • Switchable roger beep (single beep ; K-tone "dah-dit-dah" ; beep off)
  • High quality metal case - very sturdy
  • Supplied with earphone for monitoring of your echo in real time
  • On/Off switch

    Compact size (case size, excluding controls on the front and connections on the back) :
  • 105 mm Wide
  • 32 mm High
  • 112 mm Deep

These echo chambers used to retail for £49 some years ago but a special purchase allows us to sell them for just £29... we use a new 6 pin plug for the re-wire (worth £1.75) and we charge 25p for the rewire work itself!

Here's our Youtube Demonstration of the EC-990 Echo Chamber (applicable to all versions)
For the first 5 minutes i talk about the different versions we sell - giving lots of info about them & which version you should choose, along with some useful general info about these Echo Chambers, so please watch from start to finish at least once, but after that if you want to go straight to the sound demo, go about 5 minutes in and you'll be there! ... enjoy!

I originally made this video for eBay where we also sell these (at a slightly higher price than on this site), so please excuse the "ask seller a question" references etc!

Suitable for use with the following CB radios :



The TTi TCB-550 has a different wiring, it's "Uniden" 4 pin and you don't need an extra mic to make it work so this echo chamber : Euro CB EC-990P Echo Chamber - Uniden 4 Pin is the one you need.

This item is listed in CB Accessories > Microphones > Echos, Noise Toys & Fun Mics

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