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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Artificial Ground Plane   
   Product #972   
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Picture of NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Artificial Ground Plane

UPDATED 09/07/2019


You might not need an artificial groundplane anyway...
Contact us via this form or phone 01306-881137 for help with earthing & ground plane problems



An artificial ground plane, allowing you to mount an aerial where you cannot get a normal metal-to-metal connection for the earth. We have sold these to be used on boats, vehicles, houses, portacabins, wheelchairs, bicycles, motorbikes, backpacks and more!!

Our Opinion :
This item creates an artificial ground plane (earth) for your aerial so you don't have to worry about the usual metal-to-metal contact with the vehicles body.
We used to call this item "EGP" (Electronic Ground Plane) but people assumed it needs a connection to power to work it, but it requires NO connection to power.

You can find more information about this Artificial Groundplane Here

  • On a bracket fixed to the standard roof bars of Discovery, Freelander, Frontera etc
  • Through the roof of Land Rovers - no need to protect your earth connection from oxidisation info
  • Fibreglass/GRP cabs on trucks, farm machines, motorhomes etc.
  • Roofracks and bullbars that are power coated or similar, that you don't want to expose metal on
  • Anywhere that a conventional earth connection is not easy to make

    SIZE :
  • 75mm Wide
  • 35mm Diameter

The artificial ground plane is fairly strong but not very strong, so is best used with small, flexible aerials...

The Artificial Groundplane is sent by First Class post

General Info : The EGP is usually used on a bracket (see related products below) - it actually replaces the standard aerial stud, as it has a socket on the bottom for a full size cable plug and a 3/8" thread on the top for the aerial to screw into.

It is not suitable for guttermounts - it's too big.

While it will stop any SWR problems due to lack of a good earth, the usual rule of "no metalwork close to the aerial" applies, so if your aerial is being thrown out of tune by objects close to it - this will still happen with the EGP.

For motorcaravanners with luggage racks or bars one of these up there on a suitable bracket and a white Springer aerial will do the job nicely!

GROUNDPLANES AND EARTHING - Further information about ground plane/earth and this AGP

Artificial Ground Plane/Earth

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