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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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Advice Pages   CB Lingo and slanguage
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CB Radio lingo and slang

Although not used by many people to any great extent nowadays, you will come into contact with a ceratin amount of slang and codes, simply because it saves time compared with saying a whole sentence, and can be easily and quickly said when one is concentrating on driving not chatting.

Here are some of the ones you might hear...

"10" Codes, "Q" Codes and Signal & Radio reports

The “Ten” code - originally used by American Police. These are the most common 10- codes you will hear, usually said without the 10, i.e. “what’s your twenty”, “give me a nine”, “anyone give me a thirteen” etc.

10-1 Poor Reception
10-4 OK, Message Received
10-6 Busy, Occupied
10-9 Repeat what was just said
10-10 Message Complete (Also used to say goodbye)
10-13 Traffic Report
10-20 Location
10-36 The Correct Time

You may also come across the “Q” code, mainly used by Radio Amateurs but a few have been adopted by CB users.

QRM Manmade interference
QRN Natural interference / static
QRT Stop transmitting / closing down
QRZ Who is calling / invitation to transmit
QSK Can I break into this channel ?
QSL Card sent by post to confirm contact
QSO Conversation
QSY Change channel
QTH Location

Radio & Signal reports are given using scales :
Radio 1-5 for audio quality ; Signal 1-9 and +20, +30 for signals over 9.
R1 = almost in-audible, R5 = excellent audio

CB Slanguage

There are slang names for many things you might encounter on the road or on the CB, here are a few surviving ones... Advertising : Police flashing lights & sirens

Big Wheeler : HGV or other large vehicle

Bleed-over : Interference from a nearby CB’er on another channel

Breaker : Fellow CB’er

Bucketmouth : Person swearing

Earwigging : Listening

Eyeball : Meeting another CB user

Evil Knievel : Police motorcycle

Fender-bender : Road accident

Good Buddy : CB friend

Handle : CB name

Keying Up : Transmitting

Lady Breaker : Female CB User

Landline : Telephone

Mids : EU Band

Modulating : Talking on the CB

Muppet Channels : UK Band

Negative/Negatory : No

On the side : Break in on a conversation

Positive : Yes

Personal : First Name

Pounds : Graduations on the signal meter

Rig Check : Check rig is working ok

Rollerskate : Car

Smokey / Bear : Police

Square-wheeled : Stationary Vehicle

Twenty : Location (from 10 code)

Twig : CB Aerial

Wally : Person acting stupidly

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