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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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4x4CB's BLOG !   Archive (2004 - 2009) / December 2004
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Wednesday 22nd December 2004

Wow, what a mad couple of days... apologies to anyone who's come along for their daily dose and not got it - been so busy that i've just not had a chance to write anything here!

In fact apologies to anyone who's tried to telephone on monday or tuesday - i've had so much work on that i've been having to put the answerphone on just to be able to get parcels parcelled up in time!

I've also had to get all the usual christmassy things done, so have been in and out a fair bit, but most of this is sorted now, thankfully.

Things have been a bit quieter today and i've managed to catch up with a few things, although i have quite a few emails to answer from the last couple of days, maybe do these later tonight or tomorrow.

Just wanna say a big THANKS to everyone that has voted for 4x4cb.com by clicking one of the "top4x4sites.co.uk - vote for 4x4cb.com" links dotted around the site.

I had resisted the temptation to add my site there for a long time - didn't want to seem too presumptious in expecting my site's visitors to give me a vote, but many people have, at the moment we're 4th out of 297 which is pretty good going, Click Here to register a vote, and to see how we're doing!

Thursday 16th December 2004

11:10am Like bargains? Got a couple of good ones for ya... how about £26 off the Midland 48 Plus Multi? Or £10 off the Midland 78 Plus Multi?

Yup, Midland 48+ Multi - £99 and the Midland 78+ Multi - £79!!

This is a time limited offer - it'll end at the latest on 31st December, but possibly before if i run out of current stocks!

I'm going to try and add bits to the Blog in "real-time" during the course of the day - if i get the chance!

(pic : the girls at about 10 weeks)

Wednesday 15th December 2004

I don't think it's gonna be easy, doing a blog for this page, every day... here i am on Weds evening, and i've missed a few days already!!

Apologies to anyone who tried to telephone today - we were closed for the morning, as i had to take one of my German Shepherd puppies down to a specialist vet in Horsham, and what with one thing and another, delays here and there (they were having their air conditioning system worked on) i didnt end up getting back until very late in the day.

Me and my fiance, Shel, have a couple of these puppies, along with a whole managerie of other animals and i guess this sorta thing "comes with the territory".

They're sixteen weeks old now, and full of beans - or at least they smell like it sometimes... the pic is of them at around 7 weeks. They are so big now, i doubt just a paw would fit in that cup!

Friday 10th December 2004

Actually not done much on the site today which makes a change... busy day as usual with a couple of callers and parcel mayhem in the afternoon... we're using so much packaging material now that it's difficult to keep up, especially the tubes i send aerials in... orginally from inside rolls of carpet.

Had an interesting call from a guy who's been a customer for many years, he's out in Romania now, running a fast growing 4x4 accessories place, and is getting asked more and more for Cb equipment... seems like big aerials and big amps is the order of the day out there!!

Looking at the sites stats over the last couple of days, its amazing the number of people who arrive at my links page from search engine searches. Everything from "land rover vin checker" to "greenlaning in somerset" seems to bring people to the page from google, msn and yahoo (and over the last 2 days - bbc.co.uk's web search!).

Looking at google's results for pages on my site, they are deep indexing me every three days, which is cool with me!

Help Something i could do with some feedback on... the Webrings page of this site has some navigation code on it - it's supposed to show a "stack" of navigation bars for the different rings 4x4cb.com belongs to, but i can only ever see one. The code is good, and admin within the webring site shows the separate bars, so if anyone fancies going HERE and having a look and letting me know how many navbars you can see, i would appreciate it!

Email me here

Thursday, 9th December 2004

General stuff So here we are, my first blog... i dont know of any other 4x4 or CB related site that has their own blog, so this is a first all round!

I cant really claim to be breaking any new ground here but i think its fun and will hopefully give my visitors something extra to read, as if there wasnt enough already!

Got some cool blue lights (blue lite) - interior lights for vehicles... LED technology has moved on incredibly over the last few years and these are as good as i expected them to be - hopefully get them onto the site at some point soon. Of course, i have to test them all out....

Site stuff As this is the first blog, maybe i'll talk about what i've done over the last couple of days... revamped the images for link exchanges - i have quite a few cool animations that i've done and provide these for people to put on their links pages and homepages - the revamp includes giving the html coding for the image and link, making it a lot easier for people to add my link to their site.

I have quite a few new links to put into the directory and the links page, we have many many link exchanges, in fact 90% or so of the entries in our directory are these. Brings a lot of traffic which is nice.

Today.... this blog has been introduced - a very plain interface as you see, but no doubt i'll jazz this up a bit soon! Also today i have introduced a "Newsflash" banner which will be dotted around the site, which means i just have to update this image, and it's like a "global" announcement across the site!

Other stuff Had a mate come to see me this evening, dont get to see him much, so was nice to sit and have a cuppa and a chat, although it was gone midnight before i started work on this page again, after he left!

This is where Decembers' Blog Archive will be put.


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