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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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4x4CB's BLOG !   Archive (2004 - 2009) / 2006 - First half
2005 - First Half   |    2005 - Second Half   |    2006 - Second Half   |    2007   |    2008   |    2009   |    December 2004   |   

8th June 2006 BLOG

Thursday 8th June 2006

Apologies for the lack of recent work on this website - i have been doing a lot of work on 4x4cb.com, just not this version - the new version of this site is nearing completion, should be ready in the next couple of weeks!!!

It represents a major upgrade of prettymuch every aspect of the site, and will be hosted at a new ultra-fast UK datacentre, and has been nearly 4 years in thought, conceptual design and development - i think the work involved has been worth it!

As a little taster, here's a screenshot of a product category "Gallery" view...

18th May 2006 - BLOG

Thursday 18th May 2006

Regulars to this site will have seen that we were closed from the 1st to 5th May - i took the family down to Weymouth for a short break (well, actually Mrs 4x4cb.com did, as we took her Frontera).

We did well with the weather and visited the local attractions including Monkey World where the series Monkey Business is filmed which we follow on SKY Animal Planet - apparently Meridian TV are now showing the Ninth series ... it's a truely unique place. The monkeys are so well provided for with lots of space, a stimulating environment and the obvious care and knowledge of the staff that it makes you think about the average zoo conditions that more unfortunate captive wild animals have to endure.

Talking of enduring things - poor Mrs 4x4cb, she's got to have daily injections of Heparin (or a generic form of it) to thin her blood, and it's not nice... it's a proper needle syringe and it hurts like hell!

Work is in progress on the new incarnation of this site - a new look and vastly improved navigation, product descriptions and general useability! Throw in some new products, quite a few price reductions on current stock and a complete overhaul of the postage and packing charges (making them fairer and in most cases cheaper for the customer) and i think we're onto a winner! Hopefully i'll be live with this in 6-8 weeks. (I've been saying 6-8 weeks to people for a couple of months now, but hopefully, it really is 6-8 weeks from now!)

Our photo competition is finishing at the end of the month, so anyone wanting to enter who hasn't already - please do it soon!

I've got loads of good photos to use on the new site, so it's been a worthwhile project, but i will always be looking for more, so maybe i'll make it a regular thing, or run it again sometime, somehow.

I nearly got wiped out today by some oldtimer with a deathwish driving a Volvo who thought a two way street was one way - his... he obviously thought if he drove up it quick enough, no-one would notice... cue me coming round the corner!

I'm not going to make some wisecrack about Volvo drivers, cos i also drive a volvo, but i don't drive it like a pr**ck (good job i don't, it's got over 200bhp) and i can read road signs!

17th April 2006 - BLOG

Monday 17th April 2006

Wow - what a couple of weeks i've had, everyone wants to buy cb's and aerials - or it feels like it sometimes... i can't complain but it does mean that non essential things (like updating this blog) get pushed to the back of the queue!

I've just organised my 2004 and 2005 blog entries into the archives area so new readers might want to check these out.

I took the family to Bocketts farm yesturday www.bockettsfarm.co.uk a great day out, although i did manage to break my toe in their Play Barn!! They have a rope bridge that goes from one side of the barn to the other and i think it was there were i caught it on something... not sure exactly - i was too busy chasing Tommy, my son around - a great time anyway, only slightly marred!

Mrs 4x4cb is nearly 26 weeks pregnant now, and is holding out well despite having to inject daily with anticoagulants as tests have found she's got a genetic tendancy towards thick blood and may be at risk of a bloodclot.

I'm trying to go to every hospital appointment with her, so sometimes i have to put the answerphone on for a couple of hours while i do.

Any regulars to this site will have seen that last month's competition winners have been announced... i havent had many entries so far for April, so why not have a go.

Preparations are well under way for a complete redesign of this site, bringing it bang up to date in terms of look and user friendliness, hopefully ease of navigation too - it'll also address all of the areas that i have found that need improvement over the last 4 years of developing the site in its current format... a big job indeed.

Anyway, hope everyones had a good Easter, roll on the rest of the week!

13th March 2006 - BLOG

Monday 13th March 2006

I am a member of many forums, clubs and groups on numerous subjects, and usually spend at least a couple of hours a week reading and replying to posts - sometimes under a "4x4cb.com" name, sometimes not.

Surfing Mud-Club.com http://forums.mud-club.com/viewtopic.php?p=201305 i found an informative post by someone talking about cb radios - his posting was followed with "Maybe I should do a CB article?" which kinda makes it looks like he wrote it (a previous post in the same thread by the same guy says "BTW I used to do a LOT of CB Repairs")

Trouble is - his informative post was a blatant copy-and-paste from my Ebay Information page, which I wrote in December 2004!! http://www.4x4cb.com/public/page.cfm?Page=762

Here's my reply - i'm repeating here as i think you have to be a member of mud-club to view the posting, and some of you may not be...

"[his name] - maybe you should do a cb article - only you have utterly copied and pasted that post from a part of MY site, a page that i wrote in December 2004 , here :


I wouldn't have minded so much but while all the others are posting links to cb37 and thunderpole (my competitors) - you plagiarize my work, and dont even post a link to the site where you got the info from!

Sorry mate, but i think thats pretty rough

BTW you wont find the owners of cb37 or thunderpole being members of boards like this - they have no real interest in offroading - they just want to sell you a cb, whereas i've owned my current rangie for 6 years, first had a third-share in ownership of a landy at 18 and have been involved in the "scene" prettymuch ever since.

Jim Proprietor Communication Eleven www.4x4cb.com - the only REAL UK 4x4cb specialists"

Oh well, i spose thats the downfall of having such good info on the site - theres' always someone who'll use it - and claim it's their own.

Friday 10th March 2006

It's been quite an exciting week - i've announced our Photo Competition and i'm giving away CASH PRIZES!

I've also had a new batch of Valor 300 rubber aerials in from the States - a new and improved version with two swr tuning rings (like the Dial-A-Match aerials) that can be locked together to prevent vibration from moving them over the course of time... these are the same price as the previous version.

Also in the same consignment are the Astatic 636 Noise Cancelling Microphone "par excellence" - THE best noise cancelling mic for loud vehicles, getting rid of nearly all background noise - engine/exhaust sounds etc! These are extremely well made and designed for a tough life.

I will be doing photos of these very soon, and adding the Astatic mic to the product list.



4th March 2006 - BLOG

Saturday 4th March 2006

Apologies to anyone who has phoned or emailed last week - i've had a real kick in the nads from the Flu, and today is the first day back and i'm still coughing and shivering!

Only 57 messages on the answerphone to get through!

I really could've done without getting ill - had a lot of stuff I needed to do last week - not least send parcels to customers, so a big apology to anyone who was not able to order as the answerphone was on!

I'm just praying that Cheryl (Mrs 4x4cb.com) who's now 18 weeks pregnant (YEAH!) doesn't catch it as she's been catching every snuffle going for the last couple of months, and can really do without this one!

20th February 2006 BLOG

Monday 20th February 2006

I really havent been doing too well at this blog business... i was sure i'd put an entry up about 2 weeks ago, but i think i may've just THOUGHT about writing it - and never actually got around to it!

Things have been incredibly busy for me, both work wise and at home...

The move to new premises has gone well - things are running fairly smoothly now, although we (currently, and hopefully very temporarily) have less space so it's been a bit of a squeeze!

I've been doing the dreaded accounts this week, leading up to some VAT work next week - joy!

I am in the middle of planning a LARGE update to this site - it's going to take a huge amount of work to put in place everything that i want to, as virtually every aspect of the site is being affected... the result should be worth the late nights! At the moment there are a few "under construction" pages dotted around, and pages that havent been updated for years - literally! These should all be attended to in the next month or two.

Anyone who read my rather strong blog entry about the "council bloke" and my comment about the stress's affect on my wife might be happy to hear that she's now 16 weeks pregnant!

I did make a new years resolution to keep this blog updated - who invented news years resolutions, anyway? So it's a late-february resolution to keep this blog updated that i will try not to break now.

Once i've got a few more recent entries, i will archive the older ones and it'll be back to how i want it!

4th January 2006 - BLOG

Wednesday 4th January 2006

Happy New Year!! You're probably tired of hearing that now, but hey, it's gotta be said. Had a lovely christmas here, a good bit of family time, a fairly traditional christmas which compared to some i've had in the past was absolutely spot on!

I wish all of my blog readers a prosperous 2006.


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