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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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Wednesday 27th October 2010

New Products
I've been adding quite a few new products over the last couple of weeks, but loads more to add, again i seem to have got behind with this, but i've got a handle on it now and webdev stuff is progressing. Quite a few new CB's are out now - i had taken the decision to not add too many of them as too much choice can confuse people but i'm just going to have to update my "choosing the right cb for you" page to reflect this. Theres some really nice radios out now, check them out ; CB Radios

16 photos for every item!
I'm also starting to roll out my 16 image script that eventually i hope to add to most product descriptions - jeeeez thats a lot of photos to tweak, crop, resize, watermark, upload etc! For some items i don't have enough photos so i've done 8 and 12 image versions of it too. At the time of writing this, i've done about half of the CB's, so follow the link above and see what you think.

Fiday 30th July 2010

Oops, distinct lack of blog entries again lately - been very busy with other things and the day-to-day running of the business and site!

Downtime yesturday
As i'm typing this (1.30am Friday), the site has just come back online after around 19 hours of downtime! Thanks to the efforts of the staff at our hosts, things are back to normal but apologies to anyone who tried to visit this site between 5.30am and midnight yesturday - believe me it was worse for us than it was for you... Thursday tends to be a very busy day with people ordering stuff for delivery on Friday ready for fitting/use over the weekend!

Update on the 16 image graphic thingy
A few blogs back i asked for feedback on a new script i'd written to show product photos... i've now started to get it on the site, it's taken some time and only one product has it so far - the Albrecht AE6890 remote head CB but i think it looks good and will eventually get put on all product descriptions (so keep those photos coming!)

Monday 17th May 2010

Feedback on my 16 photo product image thing...
Thanks to everyone who sent messages via facebook and the site's contact page about the proposed photo viewer for the products, as mentioned in my last blog post - the general consensus is that it works for everyone and fits MOST peoples browsers ok, so i'm going to start rolling it out for all products as soon as i get the chance.

It's pretty labour intensive resizing and cropping all the photos etc and i have thousands to put up so its a bit of a mammoth task i've made myself!

I'd still be interested to hear any comments about it, especially if something doesn't work for you so if you've already viewed it please see the blog posting from 11th May and have a look.

Updated the winners on the monthly photo competition page...finally
I've been a bit remiss by not updating the £20 a month voucher giveaway, for photos page with information about the winners - it's probably been putting people off sending in photos! Anyway its done now and soon they'll be May's winner to annouce... sometimes it's pretty hard to decide the winner as some people do send in some cracking photos, but i just stick to my points system and see who comes out on top!

Tuesday 11th May 2010

Please help me by testing my new product image gallery
I've just finished a new bit of coding which (if it works for everyone) i will be rolling out across the site... it's an image gallery showing 16 product photos, and it should preload the images (so theres no delay when you're switching between them) and change the images when you move your mouse over the thumbnail pics.

Please ignore the text that say "click on the small pictures to view them larger" - it should work without the need to click them!

Please take a look and if possible please send a message via our special contact form here : contact form

The page i'd like you to look at is here : http://www.4x4cb.com/public/item.cfm?itemID=1680

1/ does it all fit onto your screen (will depend on the settings on your computer - i want to try and make sure it fits for MOST people)
2/ do the images change as you move your mouse over them?
3/ do the photos change smoothly and quickly? (please give the page a second or so before trying, just to give it a chance to load the pics)
4/ any comments on this way of showing product photos... good... bad ?
5/ if you have any problems, please describe them so i check the problem out and make changes if necessary

Thank you for your help!!

New Products
I've now got dozens of new products to add to this site including quite a few "4x4cb exclusives" - products you won't find anywhere else but here... items we've imported or had made for us... watch this space over the coming weeks as i'm going to switch emphasis to getting this on here pretty soon.

Friday 19th March 2010

Midland Alan 78
At last, this radio is now back in stock... we've been waiting months for it to come back in - i was starting to think the newly introduced Midland 278 was going to be it's replacement!

Sunday 14th February 2010

Updated "photos wanted" page
I've finally updated this page, i hadn't updated it with the winners of the vouchers for months!

New products
Some new products are starting to make their way onto the site, although there will be many many more cool and useful accessories and some really nice new radios being put on very soon.

Monday 8th February 2010

New CB's on the site
I've just added the new Midland, the 278 to the site here and will shortly be adding the Intek M-760, Midland 220, Cobra 19DX IV EU and the Maxon CM70 - theres also a removable front radio made by Albrecht which we have in stock but not on the site yet.

You have reached the end of the 2010 blog...

There were no blog postings in 2009 or 2008 so the posts below are from 2007.

You can view older posts in the archives

Thursday 1st February 2007 - Website Development Blog

Blog reorganisation
Regular readers will have noticed the change to this blog - it's now in three categories, that are viewable seperately, with the main blog page having all the blogs together.

OK, i'm probably making work for myself here but i wanted to seperate them, and be able to go into some of the more technical aspects of this sites development without making everyone read it - if you just want to read about the sites development, you can, if you just want to read about general CB stuff, you can, likewise my personal blog. Hopefully it'll work out well, but only if i get around to posting regularly!

New layout for product descriptions on the way
I've recently spent a lot of time improving the product description layout that i will be giving all our products (eventually). Among these are :

Main product pic and enlarging thumbnails : a nice way to show upto 6 thumbnails opening in a new window to an enlarged image, written in javascript by me in dreamweaver and notepad.

A new "In Stock/Out of Stock" and "Delivery Via:" box for each product which can be updated in real time - just to provide details of how an item is sent (and how quickly) and to imform of stock situation - out of stocks will have expected restocking date info.

Related products box, showing photo, title and short description of 6 items that are related to the product who's listing is being viewed, along with more info and add to basket buttons.

Many other subtle improvements and ideas being worked on too.

READ MY 2004, 2005 & 2006 BLOGS! ...

(They weren't separated into topics then)

2006 - July to December
2006 - January to June
2005 - July to December
2005 - January to June
December 2004


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