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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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4x4CB's BLOG !   Archive (2004 - 2009) / 2006 - Second Half
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3rd November 2006

OK, it's been a VERY long time since I updated this blog - time's flown by and i've been busy with my baby daughter, this site, fixing my cars and trying to get a hundred other things sorted!

Site Stuff :
There's been quite a bit of work done on the site since my last blog (although most of it "behind the scenes" rather than vastly noticeable to the casual visitor)... one big advance (as of today) that regulars to this site will notice are some major improvements to the shopping basket - fewer pages to go through and a much simplified process.

I've been a little slow updating some of the weights of items, so some lucky customers have been getting their items at zero postage cost... Ooopps!

I'm still grappling with putting decent descriptions on many products - the trouble is this : during the day i don't get a chance to do much more than answer the phone and pack parcels, so most of the development work on this site takes place after hours... now Ella's here and all the domestic stuff that a baby brings, it's a bit difficult getting any work stuff done before 10 or 11 at night - by this time, i just want to chill out with Mrs 4x4cb and watch a bit of telly or chat, so when i do get going on site work, it's after she's gone to bed - i often don't start until midnight or 1am! (as an example, i'm writing this at 2.11am saturday!)

I've got a November Sale on... some serious reductions on every one of our current CB's and our package deals and starter packs! These should be the most competitive prices around on these products and are first come, first served and stocks on some units are limited, so grab a bargain while you can!

General Business Stuff :
The other day I was speaking to a customer who was spending about £100 on a CB setup... I was amazed when he said he was having it installed by a prominent 4x4 vehicle preparation specialist and this was going to cost about £150! I've always made it policy to give customers the info and advice they need to be able to fairly easily install a CB setup into any vehicle - even the least technically minded of people, so please do have a read of our advice pages and give it a go - especially if you're contemplating spending more on fitting than you are buying the stuff in the first place!

Personal Stuff :
Obviously my baby daughter is kinda dominating home life at the moment - she's so beautiful and the absolute love of my life. She's 12 weeks old today and is smiling, laughing and charms the pants off anyone she meets!

13th August 2006

Ella Rose Aitken, born 11th August 2006 - Our Little Darling!

At last - we went to a hospital appointment to get a date for inducing as Mrs 4x4cb was a week overdue, and we got one - the same day - and this little bundle of joy is the result!

Actually little is maybe not the best word... 9lbs & 1ounce birthweight - thankfully it was a quick and relatively easy birth - Shel only needed gas and air (no, i didn't get any - but i did ask) and labour was 61 minutes and 2 big pushes! The pic above is her at about 18 hours old, getting ready to leave Epsom general hospital yesturday afternoon.

As you can imagine, i'm needed at home a fair bit now, so i will have to have the answerphone on for much of the coming week, just until we find our feet more - i should still be able to get any orders packed and despatched although it may take a day or so to do it, so please bear with me!

Now, pass those nappies!

8th August 2006

Well, Mrs 4x4cb's due date has come and gone - no baby yet!

Luckily it's been cooler this last week cos it was all getting a bit much for her last week!

We're in a state of limbo - her room's ready - car seats ready, anppies and all the rest of it is ready - just no baby... very weird feeling, waiting with anticipation.

I keep expecting to get called home at any moment - i've been late in on a few mornings recently, as i've been doing stuff around the house and making sure Mrs 4x4cb's comfortable etc - so i'm frantic parcelling things up as soon as i can, just in case i get called back sometime during the day for the big event!

Mrs 4x4cb's never made it to the due date before, so it's been expected "any day" for the last 4 weeks.

Work on this site has been progressing, i have been concentrating on our package deals, as these are how most people purchase their CB system, but these will soon be sorted and i'll move onto the other products that need new descriptions.... no shortage of work!

29th July 2006

I've updated three blogs at once today - i had them in a text file that i just jotted down, so i've posted them here now.

I'm getting there with all the descriptions of items, still lots to do though!

22nd July 2006

Just got back from a day at Billing - the LRE show.

I still refer to it as the Land Rover Owner Show - we haven't had a stall there since 2000 but i still manage to get along most years!

I went this year with the main intention of taking as many photos as i could for this website - photos of equipment actually installed and in use, to give visitors to the site a better understanding of dimensions of our products, along with getting ideas for installation locations etc.

My rangie is not on the road at the moment, and i don't need and spares or offroad bits right now, so i managed to not get diverted into spending money - unlike most years!

We had the most bizarre storm mid-afternoon, my mate and I (Mrs 4x4cb was languising at home, feet up and suffering the heat as she's still extremely pregnant!) managed to shelter in the Land Rover marquee while all hell was let loose outside - wind and rain etc.

A punchup nearly started as some geezer and his kids made a break for it - wearing unpaid-for Land Rover hats! The staff got him back in and it kicked off!

The water running off the 13amp sockets going all around the marquee was enough for us, and we made a break when it eased and headed for the beer tent.

They've changed the beer tent since the times of climbing up the "telegraph poles" in the middle of it - i think the bloke climbing up the outside, falling through and breaking his arm probably put paid to that! (1999/2000?)

Hopefully i'll get a chance to process some of these pics and get them up on the site, so if you had Me come up to you this Billing weekend and ask if i could take a photo of your CB.... i really wasn't casing your vehicle to come back later and nick your CB!

21st July 2006

Finally, the new site is up and running... a few teething problems to be smoothed out but mostly it's full steam ahead!

There are still a few dead links around, and many of the products have yet to be given their full descriptions but please feel free to ask asny questions using the new "Ask a question about this item" link.

A "fresh start" has been made with all enquiries, and i will be answering all of them as soon as I can - aiming for within 24 hours.

Have a good look around - don't forget, we have almost every item in stock for immediate despatch - you can order directly on this site, or by phone on 01306-881137.

4th July 2006

Well, i'd hoped to get the new version of the site live by now, but i havent been able to - ooops, sorry if you saw this months' LRO magazine ad proclaiming our new sites' arrival!

What with preparations for the imminent arrival of my daughter - thats what all the scans say, but i still think Mrs 4x4cb looks like she's carrying a boy (all out front)! and a host of other things that HAVE to be sorted - i just havent had the time to do everything thats needed to get it ready for visitors.

Anyone who's had a look around this site will appreciate it's complexity - the new site has links to information and related products for most items (or will do, eventually) and the raw html to provide images, font size and colour and links to other pages of the site have all to be coded by me. This and a lot more content, a lot more pictures (most taken by me) and a whole new content management system, vastly superior to that of the old site - it's a pretty big job.

I've taken to working after hours (2.24am writing this) after the Mrs and kids are asleep, and occasionally (maybe tonight) working through till the morning, and starting a working day again!

Part of my motivation is the baby - i want the new site to be running before she's here, with as much content, and as few duff links and pages as possible - this way i can take a week or so out with the only work time needed being that spent getting parcels packed up for the internet orders. Anyway, thats how i'd like it to pan out - but who knows when a big variable is mother nature?

I'm using the launch of the new site as a fresh start on my blogging - i'm really gonna try and write something every other day, if not every day. There should be plenty of further site development stuff to post about, so if some posts are limited to that, then so be it, but i AM going to try!


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