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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996

Package mounts info   Dome mount
2.5 Inch U-bolt mount   |    7m aerial leads for LWB vehicles   |    Gutter Mount   |    Magnetic Mount   |    PSM-1 Rear/Side mount   |    Roofrack/Bar mount   |    Short Bar mount   |    Widget mount   |   


    Notes about the photos above...
  • 1... Dome mount on a lamp bracket on a winch bumper/bullbar. Shown with a Large Springer
  • 2... Roof mounting with a dome mount, shown with a Mini Springer and quick release for easy removal
  • 3... Dome mount with chrome Large Springer on the rear tub of a land rover pickup
  • 4... This customer welded a small bracket to his rollcage to fit this dome mount
  • 5... Dome mount fitted to the bonnet of a Jeep shown with a Large Springer and quick release
  • 6... Another customer-made bracket for a dome mount
  • 7... A battered Large Springer fitted to a Land Rover Defenders' wing
  • 8... The underside of a dome mount, showing the right angled plug connection and the "3-pronged washer" that makes the earth contact - it's VERY IMPORTANT that these prongs make a good metal-tom-metal contact with the underside of the mounting surface

The 3/8" Dome mount can be used in many different places where a "through-hole" mount is required.

The cable connects with a right angled plug, if you are choosing the dome mount as part of a package, we include this cable with the correct plugs soldered on, but you can ask us to leave one of the plugs unfitted, if you will be poking the cable through tight gaps of holes in bulkheads etc. You will need a soldering iron to fit the plug yourself.

The dome mount is strong, neat looking, and usually keeps the cable on the inside of the vehicle, making it less prone to getting caught on branches etc.

  • Diameter (i.e. it's "footprint") : 40mm
  • Hole size needed : 13mm
  • Clearance needed underneath, for cable & plug : mm

Note : To correctly set up an aerial on this mount, you will need an SWR meter. Info


    Notes about the photos above...
  • 9... Dome mount through the roof of a Land Rover Discovery
  • 10... Dome mount through the wing of a Defender 90, shown with a red Mini Springer
  • 11... Dome on a home-made bracket fixed to the rear tub (Springer IS available in pink for the muddy ladies!).
  • 12... Dome mount fitted to a jerry can holder, with Large Springer
  • 13... Dome through the roof of a Series III Land Rover (i think it's a S3, i took the photo some years ago, with a Valor 300 Rubber Aerial
  • 14... The underside of a Dome mount, shown fitted through a bonnet (see pic 5 above) showing where the paint has been scraped away to allow the prongs of the "3-pronged washer" to make a good metal-to-metal connection
  • 15... A neat roof mounting with a dome mount, shown with Mini Springer
  • 16... Dome mount used on a roof rack

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