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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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under construction, january 2015.....

Alba CBM-5 Cybernet
(Most other Stalkers are Cybernet) Cobra/Uniden
Alan 1001Z Cobra/Uniden
Alan 555 Cobra/Uniden
Alan 79-290 (later) Cobra/Uniden
Alan 8001 Cobra/Uniden
Albrecht AE-4002 (4 pin) Cybernet
Albrecht AE-4012 Cybernet
Albrecht AE-4040 Cybernet
Albrecht AE-4200 (4 pin) Cybernet
Albrecht AE-4300 Cybernet
Allamat 294 Cybernet
Allamat 295 (4 pin) Cybernet
Allamat 407 (4 pin) Cybernet
Alpha 10 Max AM-1000 Anytone
Alpha 4000 Cybernet
Amstrad 900 Cybernet
Amstrad 901 Cybernet
Anytone AT-5555 Anytone
Aquario PX-80 Anytone
Atron 507 Cobra/Uniden
Audioline 340 Cobra/Uniden
Audioline 341 Cobra/Uniden
Audioline 345 Cobra/Uniden
Avanti Grande Anytone
Binatone 5 Star Cybernet
Binatone Breaker 40 FM Cybernet
Binatone Route 66 Cybernet
Boman CB-515 Cybernet
Boman CB-525 Cybernet
Boman CB-535 Cybernet
Boman CB-710 Cybernet
Boman CB-910 Cybernet
Boman CB-920 Cybernet
Boman CB-930 Cybernet
Boman CB-950 Cybernet
Boman CB-970 Cybernet
Boman CB-990 Cybernet
Braemar PT40 Cybernet
CB-Com Hygen 3303 Cybernet
Cherokee CBS-2100 Cobra/Uniden
Cherokee CM-10 Cobra/Uniden
Cherokee CM-5 Cobra/Uniden
Cherokee Night Rider 100 Cobra/Uniden
Cherokee Night Rider 150 Cobra/Uniden
Cherokee Northstar NS6000 Cobra/Uniden
Cherokee Northstar NS9000 Cobra/Uniden
Cherokee Northstar NS9500 Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 1000GTL Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 135 Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 135XLR Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 138XLR Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 139XLR Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 146GTL (4 Pin) Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 148GTL-B Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 148GTL-DX Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 18LTD Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 19 Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 19DX IV Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 19DX IV Camo Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 19DX IV EU Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 19DX-LTD Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 19GTL Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 19LTD Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 19M Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 2000GTL (4 pin) Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 20XTR Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 21 Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 21GTL Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 21LTD Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 21LTD ST Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 21LTD WX Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 21LTD-CLASSIC Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 21X Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 21XLR Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 25 Classic Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 25GTL Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 25LTD Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 25LTD-CLASSIC GOLD Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 25LTD-WX CLASSIC Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 25PLUS Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 25WX NW ST Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 25WX ST Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 26 Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 29 Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 29 LX Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 29 LX Camo Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 29 LX EU Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 29LTD Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 29LTD-CLASSIC Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 29LTD-CLASSIC-GOLD Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 29LTDWX CLASSIC Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 29PLUS Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 29WX ST Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 29XLR Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 31PLUS Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 32XLR Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 33PLUS Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 40Plus Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 40X Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 45XLR Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 77X Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 78X Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 85 Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 86XLR Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 87GTL Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 89GTL Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 89XLR Cobra/Uniden
Cobra 93LTD-WX Cobra/Uniden
Cobra CAM-89 Cobra/Uniden
Cobra UK25 LTD Cobra/Uniden
Cobra UK29 LTD ST Cobra/Uniden
Colt 1000 Cybernet
Colt 1200 Cybernet
Colt 190 Cybernet
Colt 2400 Cybernet
Colt 244 Cybernet
Colt 290 Cybernet
Colt 320 Cybernet
Colt 359 Cybernet
Colt 390 Cybernet
Colt 444 Cybernet
Colt 480 Cybernet
Colt 485 Cybernet
Colt 510DX Cybernet
Colt 520 Cybernet
Colt 800 Cybernet
Colt 870 Cybernet
Colt Excalibur Cybernet
Commando SD-300 Cobra/Uniden
Commtel Base Station (NOT Mobiles) Cybernet
Communicators NI440DX Cybernet
Compact 40 Cybernet
Comtex CS-1000 DX Anytone
Connex Coyote Hunter Cobra/Uniden
Connex CX-3300 Cobra/Uniden
Connex CX-3300 HP Cobra/Uniden
Connex CX-33TLM3 Cobra/Uniden
Connex CX-3400 HP Cobra/Uniden
Connex CX4300 HP Cobra/Uniden
Connex CX4300-300 Cobra/Uniden
Connex CX4300-400WSM Cobra/Uniden
Connex CX4400 Cobra/Uniden
Connex CX4400 HP Cobra/Uniden
Connex CX4600 Turbo Cobra/Uniden
Connex CX4800 DXL Cobra/Uniden
Connex Deer Hunter Cobra/Uniden
Connex Rebel HP Cobra/Uniden
Connex Saturn Cobra/Uniden
Conrad CV Mobil 4200FM Cybernet
Conrad CV Mobil 4200R Cybernet
Consam 1320 Cybernet
Craig L103 Cobra/Uniden
Craig L104 Cobra/Uniden
Craig L105 Cobra/Uniden
Craig L193 Cobra/Uniden
Craig L201 Cobra/Uniden
CRT Pluto Cobra/Uniden
CRT S-MINI Cobra/Uniden
CRT SS 3900EFT Cobra/Uniden
CRT SS Force One Cobra/Uniden
CRT SS6900 Anytone
CRT Superstar 120 Cobra/Uniden
CRT Superstar 240 Cobra/Uniden
CRT Superstar 3900 Cobra/Uniden
CRT SuperStar 3900EFT Cobra/Uniden
CRT SuperStar Force One Cobra/Uniden
CRT Ulysses N Cobra/Uniden
CRT Ulysses Turbo Cobra/Uniden
CSI Cherokee Cobra/Uniden
CSI Cheyenne Cobra/Uniden
CSI Comanche Cobra/Uniden
CSI Pawnee Cobra/Uniden
CSI Scan 120 Cobra/Uniden
Cybernet Alpha 1000 Cybernet
Cybernet Alpha 2000 Cybernet
Cybernet Alpha 3000 Cybernet
Cybernet Beta 1000 Cybernet
Cybernet Beta 2000 Cybernet
Cybernet Beta 3000 Cybernet
Cybernet Delta 1 Cybernet
Danita 1240 Cobra/Uniden
Danita 2000 Multi Cobra/Uniden
Danita 240 Cobra/Uniden
Danita 640 Cobra/Uniden
Delta 4000 Cybernet
Dick Smith Wasp (D-1520) Cybernet
Dirland 77-099 Cobra/Uniden
Dirland DCC-9000F Cobra/Uniden
Dirland DSS-3000 Cobra/Uniden
Dirland DSS-9000 Cobra/Uniden
Dirland SuperStar 3900 Cobra/Uniden
Dirland SuperStar 3900B Cobra/Uniden
Domico Convoy 1 Cybernet
Dragon CB-407 Cybernet
Eagle 2000 Cobra/Uniden
Empire 2000 Cybernet
Emtek (ALL 4 PIN MODELS) Cybernet
Euro CB Cleantone Cybernet
Euro CB Colorado Cybernet
Euro CB Marco Polo (4 Pin) Cybernet
Euro CB Mariner Cybernet
Euro CB Micro 1 & 2 Cybernet
Euro CB Nevada Cybernet
Euro CB New Yorker Cybernet
Euro CB Oceanic Mk III Cybernet
Euro CB Pacific 40 Cybernet
Euro CB Pacific IV Cybernet
Euro CB Phoenix Cybernet
Euro CB PRO-3900 Cybernet
Euro CB Scan 40 Cybernet
Eurosonic ES404 Cybernet
Eurosonic Euro II Cybernet
Eurosonic GT868 Cybernet
Excalibur Samurai Cobra/Uniden
Excalibur SSB (not Samurai) Cybernet
Falcon FCB-1281 Cybernet
Fidelity CB2000FM Cybernet
Fidelity CB2001FM Cybernet
Ford Roadmaster 500 & 505 Cybernet
Formac 120 Cybernet
Galaxy 2100 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy 33Plus Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX11 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX2517 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX2547 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX29 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX33 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX44 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX45 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX48 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX55 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX66 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX73V Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX77HML Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX77V Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX88HML Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX919 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX919 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX929 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX93 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX939 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX94 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX949 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX95 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX959 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX979 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX98VHP Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy DX99 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Galaxy II Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Galaxy Plus Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Jupiter Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Mars Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Melaka Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Mirage 44 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Mirage 88 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Neptune Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Pluto Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Saturn Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Saturn 2 Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Sirius Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy SSB Base Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Super Galaxy Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Super Saturn II Cobra/Uniden
Galaxy Super Sirius Cobra/Uniden
General A.P. Hill Cobra/Uniden
General Electric 3-5801B Cybernet
General Electric 3-5802 Cybernet
General Electric 3-5812A Cybernet
General Electric 3-5813A Cybernet
General Electric 3-5813B Cybernet
General Electric 3-5814A Cybernet
General Electric 3-5814B Cybernet
General Electric 3-5819 Cybernet
General Electric 3-5821 Cybernet
General Electric 3-5825A Cybernet
General Electric 3-5826A Cybernet
General Electric 3-5869 Cybernet
General Electric 3-5875A Cybernet
General Grant Cobra/Uniden
General Lee Cobra/Uniden
General Longstreet Cobra/Uniden
General Stonewall Jackson Cobra/Uniden
GME Colt 55 Cybernet
GME TX822 Cybernet
Grandstand Hawk Cybernet
Grandstand Homebase Cobra/Uniden
Ham International Concorde 1, 2 & 3 Cybernet
Ham International Explorer FM Cybernet
Ham International Hamscan Cybernet
Ham International Handmaster-8040 Cybernet
Ham International Hercules Cybernet
Ham International Jumbo 1, 2 & 3 Cybernet
Ham International Major M788 Cybernet
Ham International Multimode 1, 2 & 3 Cybernet
Ham International Puma Cybernet
Ham International Viking, Viking 2, 3 & B Cybernet
Hannover BR-9000 Anytone
Harrier CB Cybernet
Harrier CBHQ Cybernet
Harrier CBX Cybernet
Harry Moss 325 Cobra/Uniden
Harvard 402 (H160) Cybernet
Harvard 420M (H405) Cybernet
Harvard CBM404 Cybernet
Harvard H407 Cybernet
Harvard H646 Cybernet
Hygain 5 (4 pin) Cybernet
Icom ICB-1050 Cybernet
Intek HR-5500 Anytone
Intek M-100 PLUS Cobra/Uniden
Intek M-110 Cobra/Uniden
Intek M-120 Cobra/Uniden
Intek M-130 PLUS Cobra/Uniden
Intek M-150 PLUS Cobra/Uniden
Intek M-60 Cobra/Uniden
Intek M-899 VOX Cobra/Uniden
Interceptor TC-300 Cybernet
Jesan KT-2002 Cybernet
Jesan KT-4004 Cybernet
Jesan KT-5005 Cybernet
Jesan KT-7007 Cybernet
Jesan Pro 8000 Cybernet
Jopix Beta Cybernet
Jopix Super Jopix 1000 Cybernet
Jopix Super Jopix 2000 Cybernet
Jopix Super Jopix 2000 Cobra/Uniden
Jopix Super Jopix 4000 Cybernet
K-PO DX-5000 Anytone
K-PO K-1000 Cobra/Uniden
K40 - MODELS #1, #2, #3 AND #6 Cybernet
Kaiser KA 9014 (this model only) Cybernet
Kaiser KA-9040 Cobra/Uniden
Kaiser KA-9050 Cobra/Uniden
Kenwood TH-9000 Anytone
Kernow BETA 1100 Cybernet
Kernow BETA 5100 Cybernet
Kestral Cybernet
Kraco 2555 Cybernet
Kraco 2555FM Cybernet
Kraco KCB-2320 Cybernet
Kraco KCB-2330B Cybernet
Kraco KCB-4004 Cobra/Uniden
Kraco KCB-4030 Cybernet
Lafayette Ceylon Cybernet
Lafayette Indianapolis Cybernet
Lafayette LM 300 Cybernet
Lafayette LMS 40 Cybernet
Lafayette Montana Cybernet
Lancaster Cybernet
Lowe TX-40 Cybernet
Luiton AT-5555 Anytone
Luiton LT-280 Cobra/Uniden
Luiton LT-40 Cobra/Uniden
Maas DX-5000 Anytone
Magnum S-680 Cobra/Uniden
Magnum S3 Cobra/Uniden
Magnum S6 Cobra/Uniden
Magnum S9 Cobra/Uniden
Major 630 Cybernet
Major M-120 Cybernet
Manor Kestral Cybernet
Maxcom 30E / MX30E Cybernet
Maxon CM10 Cobra/Uniden
Mega Star MG-990 Cobra/Uniden
Mega System VR-990 Cobra/Uniden
Midland 13-830 Cybernet
Midland 13-853 Cybernet
Midland 13-858 Cybernet
Midland 13-862 Cybernet
Midland 13-866 Cybernet
Midland 13-867 Cybernet
Midland 13-879 Cybernet
Midland 13-882 Cybernet
Midland 13-892 Cybernet
Midland 13-976 Cybernet
Midland 150M Cybernet
Midland 2001 Cybernet
Midland 3001 Cybernet
Midland 4001 Cybernet
Midland 6001 (EARLY 4 PIN) Cybernet
Midland 7001 (EARLY 4 PIN) Cybernet
Midland 76-863 Cybernet
Midland 76-900 Cybernet
Midland 77-002 Cybernet
Midland 77-003 Cybernet
Midland 77-004 Cybernet
Midland 77-005 Cybernet
Midland 77-095 Cybernet
Midland 77-101 Cybernet
Midland 77-104GTL Cybernet
Midland 77-113 Cybernet
Midland 77-145 Cybernet
Midland 77-155 Cybernet
Midland 77-250 (Power Max) Cybernet
Midland 77-285 Cybernet
Midland 77-824B Cybernet
Midland 77-830 Cybernet
Midland 77-882 Cybernet
Midland 79-006 Cybernet
Midland 79-007 Cybernet
Midland 79-012 Cybernet
Midland 79-290 (early) Cybernet
Midland 88 Cybernet
Midland Alan 48 Cybernet
Midland Alan 48BC Cybernet
Midland Alan 48BS Cybernet
Midland Alan 48BSX Cybernet
Midland Alan 58 Cybernet
Midland Alan 68S Cybernet
Midland Alan 79-290 (later) Cobra/Uniden
Midland Alan Quarantotto Cybernet
Midland Alan Sessantotto Cybernet
Midland Alan Sessantotto Cybernet
Midland/Alan 1001Z Cobra/Uniden
Midland/Alan 5001Z Cobra/Uniden
Midland/Alan 555 Cobra/Uniden
Midland/Alan 8001 Cobra/Uniden
Midland/Alan 9001Z Cobra/Uniden
Mirage 3300 Cobra/Uniden
Mirage 88 Cobra/Uniden
Mirage MX-36HP Cobra/Uniden
Moonraker Major Cybernet
Moonraker Minor Cybernet
Murphy DS-602 Cybernet
Mustang CB1000 Cybernet
Mustang CB2000 Cybernet
Mustang CB3000 Cybernet
Mydel ML-5555 Anytone
NATO 2000 Cybernet
NATO 40FM Cybernet
Nevada CB-2002 Cybernet
Pace CB 144 Cybernet
Pace CB 145 Cybernet
Pace CB 166 Cybernet
Pace CB 185 Cybernet
Pace Sidetalk 1000B Cybernet
Pace Sidetalk 1000M Cybernet
Palomar 2400 Cybernet
Pama GX1000 Cybernet
Pama GX19 Cybernet
Pama GX2000 Cybernet
Pama GX25 Cybernet
Pama GX29 Cybernet
Pama MX30e Cobra/Uniden
ParaDynamics PDC-19 Cybernet
ParaDynamics PDC-25 Cybernet
ParaDynamics PDC-29 Cybernet
Pearce-Simpson Bobcat 23 Cybernet
Pearce-Simpson Cougar 23 Cybernet
Pearce-Simpson Lynx 23 Cybernet
Pearce-Simpson Puma 23 Cybernet
Pearce-Simpson Super Cheetah Cobra/Uniden
Pearce-Simpson Super Lynx Cybernet
Pearce-Simpson Tiger 40 Cybernet
Pearce-Simpson Tiger Mk II Cybernet
Pegasus 7 Cybernet
Planet 2000 Cybernet
President Adams Cobra/Uniden
President Andrew J Cobra/Uniden
President Andrews Cobra/Uniden
President AR-144 Cobra/Uniden
President AX-144 Cobra/Uniden
President Dwight D Cobra/Uniden
President Grant (4 pin) Cobra/Uniden
President Honest Abe Cobra/Uniden
President Jackson (4 pin) Cobra/Uniden
President JFK Cobra/Uniden
President John Q Cobra/Uniden
President KP-77 Cobra/Uniden
President Madison Cobra/Uniden
President Old Hickory Cobra/Uniden
President Teddy R Cobra/Uniden
President Thomas J Cobra/Uniden
President Veep Cobra/Uniden
President Washington (4 pin) Cobra/Uniden
President Wilson Cobra/Uniden
President Zachary T. Cobra/Uniden
PT-40 Cybernet
Pyramid 1300 Cobra/Uniden
Pyramid CB-22 Cybernet
Pyramid CB-24 Cybernet
Pyramid CB-25 Cybernet
Pyramid CB-26 Cybernet
Pyramid CB-28 Cybernet
Quasar MCB-400 Cobra/Uniden
Radiomobile CB201 Cybernet
Radiomobile CB202 Cybernet
Ranger RCI-2980 Cobra/Uniden
Ranger RCI-2980WX Cobra/Uniden
Ranger RCI-3900 Cobra/Uniden
Ranger RCI-3900HP Cobra/Uniden
Ranger RCI-6300 F150 Cobra/Uniden
Ranger RCI-6300 F25 Cobra/Uniden
Ranger RCI-63FFC1 Cobra/Uniden
Ranger RCI-63FFC2 Cobra/Uniden
Ranger RCI-63FFC4 Cobra/Uniden
Ranger RCI-6900 F150 Cobra/Uniden
Ranger RCI-6900 F25 Cobra/Uniden
Ranger RCI-69FFC2 Cobra/Uniden
Ranger RCI-TLM1 Cobra/Uniden
Ranger RG33 Cobra/Uniden
Reftec 934 Cybernet
Rotel RVC-220 Cybernet
Rotel RVC-230 Cybernet
Rotel RVC-240 Cybernet
Saga 2530 Cybernet
Sapphire X4000 Cybernet
Satcom SCAN 2000 Cybernet
Satcom SCAN 4000 Cybernet
Satcom SCAN 40F Cybernet
Scooper MKY-440B Cobra/Uniden
Scooper MKY-550E Cobra/Uniden
Serpent 4000 Cybernet
Signal 1001 Cybernet
Skiptech 4000 Cybernet
SMC CBM 272 Cybernet
SMC Oscar 1 Cybernet
SMC Oscar 2 Cybernet
Sommerkamp TS-790DX Cobra/Uniden
Spinneytronic CB-199 Cybernet
Spydee CB One Cobra/Uniden
Stabo XF 2000 Cybernet
Stabo XF 4000 Cybernet
Stabo XF 4000N Cybernet
Stabo XM 3082 Cybernet
Stabo XM 3200 Cybernet
Stabo XM 3300 Cybernet
Stabo XM 3400 Cybernet
Stabo XM 3500 Cybernet
Stabo XM 4012 Cybernet
Stabo XM 4012N Cybernet
Stabo XM 4042 Cybernet
Stabo XM 4044 Cybernet
Stabo XM 4082 Cybernet
Stabo XM 5000 Cybernet
Stabo XM 5012 Cybernet
Stabo XM 5044 Cybernet
Stabo XM 5082 Cybernet
Stalker 9F DX Cobra/Uniden
Stalker 9FM Cobra/Uniden
Stalker IV Cybernet
Stalker IX DX Cobra/Uniden
Stalker ST-9-FDX Cobra/Uniden
Stalker V Cybernet
Stalker VIII Cybernet
Standard Horizon 29 Cobra/Uniden
Standard Horizon 29A Cobra/Uniden
Stryker SR-440HP Cobra/Uniden
Stryker SR-447HPC Cobra/Uniden
Stryker SR-490HP Cobra/Uniden
Stryker SR-497HPC Cobra/Uniden
Stryker SR-655 HPC Cobra/Uniden
Stryker SR-955 HPC Cobra/Uniden
Sun 401 Cybernet
Superstar 120 Cobra/Uniden
Superstar 121 Cobra/Uniden
Superstar 2000 Cybernet
Superstar 3000 Cobra/Uniden
Superstar 3300 Cobra/Uniden
Superstar 3500 Cobra/Uniden
Superstar 360 Cybernet
Superstar 3900 Cobra/Uniden
Superstar 3900E Cobra/Uniden
Superstar 3900EFT Cobra/Uniden
Superstar 3900F Cobra/Uniden
Superstar 3900HPEF Cobra/Uniden
Superstar SS-158 Cobra/Uniden
Superstar SS-2400 Cobra/Uniden
Superstar SS-3000 Cobra/Uniden
Superstar SS-33 Cobra/Uniden
Superstar SS-3700 Cobra/Uniden
Superstar SS-39 Cobra/Uniden
Superstar SS-3900 Cobra/Uniden
Superstar SS-3900E Cobra/Uniden
Superstar SS-3900EFT Cobra/Uniden
Superstar SS-3900F Cobra/Uniden
Superstar SS-3900HPEF Cobra/Uniden
Superstar SS-Force One Cobra/Uniden
Superstar SS6900 Anytone
Syncro Impala Anytone
Teaberry - See Stalker Cobra/Uniden
Teaberry "T" Bear (4004) Cybernet
Teaberry Five by Five Cybernet
Teaberry Ranger "T" Cybernet
Team 3100 HOMEBASE Cybernet
Team Classic 404 Cybernet
Team Euro 3014AF Cybernet
Team Euro 3100 Cybernet
Team Superstar Cybernet
Team TRX-404 Cybernet
Team TRX404UK Cybernet
Team TSM-404 Cybernet
TEK HR-3950 Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-121CP Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-121WX Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-127DX Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-127FST Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-127GK Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-193WX Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-269DX Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-269GK Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-296DX Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-296GK Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-396FC Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-696F Base Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-696FD1 Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-936 Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-939WX Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-966 Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TR-969WX Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TRE-127SLE Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TRE-936FFC Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger TRE-966FFC Cobra/Uniden
Texas Ranger VX-129cn Cobra/Uniden
Thunderpole T-1000 Cobra/Uniden
Top Gun Quad-5 Anytone
Tram D12 Cobra/Uniden
Tram D201 Cybernet
Tram D201A






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