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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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Customer Testimonials

The biggest customer comments page on the internet ?

We do not ask people for their opinion on our service, or send out a questionnaire or use any other means to get these comments - ALL of these are completely unsolicited... the customers thought enough of our service to email and tell us!

    Up to 16/01/16
  • Comments received by email...648

  • Recommendations posted on websites & forums...35 (not added to since 2011)
  • Those received by post (before the days of email)...30

2016 (Up to 16/01/16)

  • Kudos on the really fast shipping to the US : Tom Dellacorino (USA) 15/01/16
  • Hi Jim, Just wanted to say thanks for all you help with this Hand held CB. I have tested it with my friends CB and it works really surprisingly well... needless to say i am very impressed. thanks again, one very happy customer : Tom Isherwood 07/01/16
  • Thank you so much, can not believe how fast it got to the states! (posted 29/12/15, arrived 06/01/16) : Zachary Kirch (USA) 06/01/16
  • Hi, thank you so much for your email. So nice to have seller advice and support! ... Once again thank for the support and I will certainly recommend you to my fellow green laners ! : Adam Dixon 05/01/16
  • Many thanks for your usual excellent service : Marc Fuller 05/01/16
  • Thanks for your honesty nice doing business with you : Keith Hall (USA) 05/01/16
  • Hi Jim, parcel well received, thanks for everything : Luc Jacqmin (Belgium) 05/01/16


  • Thanks for the great follow up : Ian Honychurch 30/12/15
  • Hi Jim, Here are a few photos of "our" equipment being used. Thanks for the great service and excellent product : Randall Chase (USA) 29/12/15
  • RE: speedy delivery - Thank you ever so much for the quick turnaround and dispatch of my order. received this morning. thanks again : Graham Hughes 23/12/15
  • Jim thank you for the refund, that's great service : Rupert King-Evans 22/12/15
  • Contact jim at www.4x4cb.com and he will advise u what direction to go helpful and friendly bloke to deal with u won't go wrong : Michael Avery 02/12/15
  • Contact Jim Aitken for great advice even if you don't end up buying from him, who has fantastic deals too! :) : George Duncan 02/12/15
  • 4x4cb is an amazing place. Jim is always helpful and has some fab ideas to get the best out of your CB. : Chris Wood 02/12/15
  • Thanks for info and Nice service from Communication Eleven Kai Christophersen (Norway) 02/12/15
  • Hi Jim, That's very decent of you, thank you very much. Yes the package arrived safe and well this morning. Thank you very much for keeping in touch, you made difficult Christmas shopping very easy and worry free... Hopefully with the instructions included in your email it'll be an easy job also. Once again thank you for all your help : Veronica Sloan 30/11/15
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for taking the time to email me. I was recommended to come to you and I can see why, such a great range of products and the guides will be very useful, I in turn will be recommending you. : Peter Race 01/12/15
  • I only bought this yesterday afternoon and its arrived today! Gotta be the fastest yet! Thanks! : Grahame Freestone 25/11/15
  • thank you for taking the time to send this message. The order came on Tuesday and I am very pleased with it : Mike Shott 30/10/15
  • I appreciate your great communication, I cannot fault your customer service! : Simon Talbott 05/11/15
  • Jim. I'm amazed they are here already. Thank you for taking the time to talk me through what I needed : Rupert King-Evans 31/10/15
  • Parts arrived today Jim, many thanks for fast service! : Barry Baker 28/10/15
  • Thanks for your excellent service as usual, and no doubt I will be in touch at some point looking for some more stuff. I ordered the mount (and previous stuff) from you as your website is excellently laid out, photos of the brackets and mounts are all clear and you can see what you are ordering. The previously mentioned big 'ham stores' could learn a thing from you about website design as yours is clear, easily navigated and very customer friendly. No doubt I will continue to use your site: Roddy Kennedy 27/10/15
  • Thanks Jim. Excellent service! Jason Joslin 16/10/15
  • Ok thank you very much for your help. For anything I need I shall definitely be buying from you : Dan Hibbs 13/10/15
  • Hi Jim, That's awesome. Thank you for all your help today : Alex Apps 01/09/15
  • Very happy with how it has gone in and it is working well :o) Thanks again for great kit and service : Philip Buckley 31/08/15
  • Thanks for letting me know Jim. The fact that you checked the box, and then have the knowledge to advise on channels is precisely why I buy from you! : Peter Phillips 28/08/15
  • Jim, The fact you just wrote that email to explain is why we keep coming back, whatever you say is fair is fair :-) :-)! Great service as normal, thank you for the help : Matt Butler 27/08/15
  • Hi Jim, Received both parcels today. First class service yet again! Thanks! : Murray Peddie 21/08/15
  • Really appreciate your continued support : Sussex Transport 11/08/15
  • Hi there, i must say your stuff is very cheap, and your advise is really good you have everything, and yeah ill send you some pics of it in my landy, thanks for all your help : Ross Smith 03/08/15
  • hello jim thankyou very much for that, your sound bloke and thankyou for soldering the pl259s on at no charge ... I will be ordering more stuff from you cheers jim : Stuart Lee 18/07/15
  • Thanks so much Jim. Excellent service : Gareth Jones 10/07/15
  • Hi Jim, Thank you very much for the outstanding support : Simon Cleopazzo (Switzerland) 02/06/15
  • very impressed with your quick service - just wish every company I dealt with were so customer friendly, thanks again : RK 14/05/15
  • Thanks a lot for you persistence and assistance Jim : Roger Gilbert 02/05/15
  • Many thanks for the great service – and for all the advice on your website : Nick Stanford 16/03/15
  • My order arrived at 10.30am this morning and all is fine with it. If you could send me the password ... as I do intend to buy more in the future...Anyway many thanks to you and the Post Office for the speedy service : Martin Norman 12/03/15
  • Hi Jim got it today thanks very much I will fit it tomorrow, top man you are : Robert Giles 12/03/15
  • Jim, Thanks, invaluable advice as always... appreciate your thoughts. All my stuff will always come from you I promise the advice is never used elsewhere!! I use the handheld we bought from you quite often and its simply ideal and precisely as you promised! : Matt Butler 09/03/15
  • Jim at 4x4 CB is doing a really good deal on a starter pack at £68. Anyone off for a bit of off-roading, or indeed heading off on an aid convoy any time soon — you won't get better service than from here [Typed by my own fair hand, and an actual recommendation, not an automatic advert thingy!] : Kieran Turner (Aidconvoy.net) 05/03/15
  • Needless to say I'll continue to recommend your company as I've always received a good service and good communication from yourselves : Sam Hedges 26/02/15
  • Evening Jim. Thank you so much, such a breath of fresh air to deal with someone whom provides such customer service. : Steve Thom 20/02/15
  • Thanks for a good service both previously and now...You've always been our local CB supplier. Both I and most of my friends have bought from you previously - and will continue to do so in the future! I wish you & your business the very best : Simon Rafferty (X-Eng) 17/02/15
  • Thank you Jim, it arrived today and is the perfect solution for us. Thanks again for such great prompt service. : Gill Thurgood 12/02/15
  • Thanks very much Jim... I'm sorry for all the emails back and forward ... Your prices are very good and I would just like to thank you for your help and advice with the items here : Paul James 08/02/15
  • Thanks as per usual for your very efficient service : Peter King (Kent LRC) 05/02/15
  • Thanks Jim , excellent service as usual, I recommend your company to anyone that asks about cb equipment : Chris Neal 17/01/15


  • Hi Jim, I received my parcel today and I am delighted with the cb.. It's a perfect size..! Thank you very much for ur help and advice... photos are not a problem... I'd be more than happy to help..! Thanks again for ur help 100% satisfied customer : Hugh Beattie 23/12/14
  • thanks very much jim my mate said you were good, hes right 2 lol thanks bro : RG 20/12/14
  • Thanks a lot for your help and advice : Graham Lovis 02/12/14
  • You are definitely a company with integrity! Thank you for being stand-up people! : Ernest Lloyd 19/11/14
  • Thanks again for you advice over the phone on Monday : Mark Larter 06/11/14
  • Always had good service when bought cb gear from Jim : Dave Mitchell 04/11/14
  • Appreciate the check-up email - I have been recommending your site to the folks here in NI! : Garth Hunter 04/11/14
  • Thanks again for the phone advice, no doubt I'll be ordering more bits & pieces at some point : John Michael Lucas 31/10/14
  • Thanks again for your emails, and incidentally I would like to say that I have found your website really informative and helpful after only a small number of visits : Andy Whiteley 27/10/14
  • Speedy order turnaround, thank you! : Andrew Birchall 10/10/14
  • I really do thank you for your time and efforts : Wayne Petrosko (USA) 07/10/14
  • thank you very much for the help and really good service. : Pat Mannion 02/10/14
  • Hi Jim, As ever, thanks for the speedy response : Nigel Arnold 30/09/14
  • I just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for your service and for the great products you supply : Mark Flynn 18/09/14
  • Hi Jim, i have received every thing and its all really good and i am happy with the kit...thank u for ur help over the phone and ur great customer service : Mark Hope 30/09/14
  • Thank you Jim. Good to see someone else is working late! This is why we come to you, your customer service is brilliant : Karen Harris 24/09/14
  • Many thanks for all your efforts and assistance with this : Steve Wickes 13/09/14
  • Dear Jim, Thanks for the personal email. I was looking for a small CB antenna when I spotted this one on your website- you seem to be the only CB retailer offering it...Thanks for the tips on SWR...Thanks for the classy service : Dick Smith 02/09/14
  • Hi Jim, Many thanks for despatching the order at short notice...Thanks again - it's a big relief to have the last important bit of kit sorted! : Philip Lofthouse 07/08/14
  • thank you so much for your help : Rob Hosdell 22/08/14
  • Got home to find another quality product delivered next day from Jim Aitken @ 4x4cb. Thanks very much buddy : Greg Wilmot (Posted on Facebook) 07/08/14
  • Thank you for your email. With the amount of aftermarket parts I've been buying for my 2 Jeeps for the last 2 years it is the 1st time that I receive a so well detailed email about what is being shipped, when it is due to arrive and with the links to help me to set up the parts, I am amazed!! So a big thank you for that and thank you also for refunding me straight away for the part I didn't need. This is the 1st time I buy CB equipment but I have definitely picked the best company when I decided to buy from you. I will take pictures of my set up once it's done and email these to you if that helps for advertising the parts. Many thanks again : Chris Guilloteau 18/07/14
  • Hi Jim, cb arrived this morning as promised, what can I say, overjoyed with my new rig and also with the service from your good self! : Andy Bacon 03/07/14
  • Many thanks for my order, great service as always...great service : Jay King 19/06/14
  • Hi Jim, Thank you so much for you prompt services as usual : Shauna Dunphy 04/06/14
  • Hi Jim Many thanks for your help and information for the correct rig for me. I've sent a couple of photos with this email of it installed in the discovery : Ben Taylor 17/05/14
  • Hi Jim ( I think) I wanted to start by saying thank you for you help last week getting my cb working as I did have it on the wrong country settings : Rob Bridges 24/05/14
  • Hi jim ive got the aerial thanks for the quick service I'm really impressed! I'd of still ordered from you even if the postage was dearer!...Thanks for the good service : Carl Everett 24/05/14
  • Thank you for your help : Greg Ross 13/05/14
  • Kit arrived today great service thanks : Stuart Stephens 24/04/14
  • Hi Jim, Many thanks for going the "extra mile", and taking time to find the best solution for me. After all, you could simply (as most would have done) have told me that the medium spring was not in stock. Period. No, you took care to find a solution, and I thank you for this. This makes all the difference. Same for the installation instructions: this is very much appreciated : Luc Jacqmin (Belgium) 27/03/14
  • Hi Jim, Just a quick email to let you know that I received the goods at about 9.45am today. Your service is excellent, I would recommend your company to anyone : George Ferguson 28/02/14
  • Thanks for the excellent service, definitely recommending you : Andrew Holborn 24/02/14
  • The quality of your cables is really nice ! No problems for LinkedIn: I like the way you run your business : JL 20/02/14
  • That is great service, thank you. :) : Martin Hand 31/01/14
  • Got the order next day! Great service : Aidan Softley 17/01/14
  • Hi Jim, the KL 200 arrived yesterday, well packaged and fast shipping. I don't remember where I saw your ad but if you can tell me where I saw it I can give you an excellent review : Richard McDonnell (USA) 13/01/14
  • Dear Jim, the items arrived today, thank you very much for all your help. I am very pleased with them : Ian Burnham 10/01/14
  • Hi Jim, Radio arrived this morning. Many thanks for your excellent customer service despite the adverse conditions : Steve Wickes 07/01/14


  • Thanks for the email Jim, this is excellent service : Mike Grayson 28/12/13
  • Hi Jim, Just to let you know that package arrived today (Friday). Great service, many, many thanks for sending it so fast, especially with your back problem. I’m sure I will be back again (no pun intended) : Richard Swan 06/12/13
  • Am very grateful and impressed by the service and will indeed let the guys know. The group (South East 4x4 Response) will indeed be very impressed with ur service and there are 100 plus members. Will let u know how I get on and my pleasure to always spend my money with a business who cares about their customers : Gary Stuart 27/11/13
  • What a site! been on 10 sites to find info on Intek h 520 & m/land 42 could have found it all in one hit on your site Full of "ALL" the info i needed : Rick Search 16/11/13
  • I'll wait for the arrival of the springer, which if the Psm-1 is anything go by won't be long, a very good service indeed! : Mark Wenbourne 12/11/13
  • Hi Jim, Many thanks for the items, they arrived the following day. I tried them out on a Raynet / 4x4 response event on Sunday ( the Leicester Marathon )They worked very well indeed. Will be back for some rack mountings very soon. : Kevin Finn 16/10/13
  • many thanks for such a quick delivery of the items, all came today : Craig Rogers 30/09/13
  • thanks for your help and your speedy dispatch of the items. It’s greatly appreciated. I’ll take some pics of the install and get them off to you. Thanks again for the great customer service, it’s quite rare these days! I will definitely recommend you to others : Nigel Arnold 24/09/13
  • Hi Jim - very impressed by the service : David Robinson 24/09/13
  • Awesome, well thank you for the best service and communication that I've seen on Ebay the best of luck and I hope we do more business : Dave Love (Via Ebay Message) 02/09/13
  • Hi Jim thank you for excellent service : Tony Thorne 01/09/13
  • Thanks for very fast service; CB was here this morning. Ultra-quick! : Malcolm Stewart 20/08/13
  • Thanks for your great service and help : Jason Bleasdale 07/08/13
  • Thank you for taking the time to check with me, Great to see the personal touch with an online retailer, hard to find these days : Danny Wild 05/08/13
  • a pleasure doing business with you - excellent website and easy to see what you need and get with the package : Mark Perrin 30/07/13
  • Cheers for your help on this one.. Will definatley recommend you next time : Max Page 27/07/13
  • Goodies received many thanks for the super speedy delivery...fastest thing i've ever ordered : Ian Robert Finch (snr) 02/07/13
  • Many thanks for the personal message, nice touch!! : Patrick FitzGerald 20/06/13
  • The CB turned up this morning before 9.00 - great service! : David Gilbertson 20/06/13
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for all your efforts. The item arrived safely this morning and I am very grateful : Lance Jones 14/06/13
  • Hey Jim, I must thank you ever so much as you has went beyond the call of duty! : Marko Fleming (Rust 2 Rome) 13/06/13
  • Thanks for fast service! : Andrew Johnson 08/06/13
  • Many thanks for your email. I received the cables yesterday (Friday) and I am very pleased with the quality. CD 18/05/13
  • Thanks Jim, order came through nice and fast and very well packed! MS 05/05/13
  • I've just had a text from my neighbour to say that the delivery has arrived, so thank you for the prompt service. ND 02/05/13
  • Hi Jim, I received my order yesterday (10th), many thanks for a speedy service. Hoping to do further business with you soon. DM 11/04/13
  • your help and comments along with your general customer service have been first class. TE 13/04/13
  • jim and staff just a quick thanks for coax and joiner nice fast service thanks for your help GS 19/04/13
  • Hi Jim, Arrived safely today, thanks for the excellent service. M 28/03/13
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for your correspondence and quick delivery of my order. I just want to first say, i'm very pleased by your service and personal touch with follow up emails and i am very happy with my new CB JR 17/03/13
  • That's great news. Many thanks for keeping me informed, I work for a major retailer can only wish our stores delivered the excellent customer service the way you do! AT 13/02/13
  • Once again thankyou for the speedy service RD 11/01/13
  • Thanks Jim, really good service cheers. GG 10/01/13


  • Thanks for the details email by the way, I must say the service from you guys has been superb! MF 30/11/12
  • I cannot speak highly enough of your service - the speed of delivery is staggering, but your email support is fantastic too. Thank you very much! :-) ND 29/11/12
  • Cheers Jim will definitely be buying from you again and dont worry about the late replies,you`ve still always got back to me without me chasing you and have been fair over these radio`s so cant fault you. 22/11/12
  • Thankyou so much for getting back to my mum earlier, she explained you had confirmed the order and commented on your excellent telephone manner. I am a regular eBay customer of yours (armoterservices) and have had many bits and bobs from you ... Once again THANKYOU for dealing with my mum earlier as she does get confused sometimes (just like me lol) I did leave her the product code etc, will give you a quick mail once arrived thankyou for you professionalism and keep up the good work AR 13/11/12
  • All arrived perfect service once again, keep up the good work! AR 20/11/12
  • Jim, Everything arrived today. Fantastic Service, Thanks. KG 08/11/12
  • thanks for the excellent service. I used you guys as you came highly recommended on the LR4x4 forums. PH 30/10/12
  • Many thanks once again for your super efficient service. GP 27/10/12
  • Thanks for the great service. PW 03/10/12
  • I've been very impressed with your service it has to be said and think you've done great on the customer care aspect AC 05/10/12
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for the update. Yes it was my wife you spoke to and thanks for backing the call up with the mail so few people even bother these days! AJ 02/10/12
  • Thanks Jim, excellent customer service, you should bottle it and sell that too! AJ 06/10/12
  • Also a big thank you for donating to Convoy for Heroes, something quite close to me :-) IU 29/9/12
  • Delivered! Sirio Mythos 9000 & Super Gripper Magmount. Ordered Wednesday at 1400hrs. delivered Thursday at 1130hrs. Just to say thankyou for great service RI 27/09/12
  • item received Wednesday very fast and efficient service CP 30/08/12
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for your prompt response to the missing part. I am delighted with the personal customer friendly service you offer. Keep up the good work! LM 29/06/12
  • Many thanks for a prompt delivery especially given the bank holiday and for keeping me up to date, It felt like dealing with a human rather than an automated website! Glad I found your site as I've been looking for another Alan 456 for a while now. I wouldn't hesitate to use this site again if needs be, or to recommend you to anyone. DW 07/06/12
  • received today and couldn't be happier. thank you very much and i would have no problems recommending your company. TW 07/06/12
  • thanks again for excellent service will definitely recommend your shop and use again in future JM 08/06/12
  • Thanks for the update and speedy shipment. I will definitely recommend you and when I have installed it, you can have a couple of photos, no problem. MM 29/05/12
  • May i just take a moment and thank you for your first class service. I got your name from the L200 owners forum where your company name has had a lot of good feed back from our members and i will be putting my little bit on there too MB 10/05/12
  • thanks again for the great service and advice. AM 11/05/12
  • Once again Jim thanks for all the effort, this is by far the definition of customer service, the likes of which I have never experienced before. FF 09/05/12
  • Hi Jim, Just to say that your service seems to get better each time I reuse you SB 08/05/12
  • Just a quick email to thank you once again for the top service AP 04/05/12
  • Got both items today Jim , top service ! wish machine parts turned up as quick ! AP 03/05/12
  • Hi jim, received my din cage today for midland 38. Great service from you, will def b shopping with you again THANKS GN 26/04/12
  • Many thanks for your help and great service.SI 20/04/12
  • Cheers for your masses of assistance... Main thing is that it was never your fault or FedEx's and you still went above and beyond... Somewhere I can do a review or the like? MA 20/04/12
  • Jim, Thanks for your email - it's great to get a proper personal message from an online retailer! ... Parts arrived in the post and were here when I got back from work at 1400 - superb speed of service! IK 03/04/12
  • Hi Jim, All arrived fitted and working many thanks for your excellent service as always MC 29/03/12
  • Hello Jim, Connector arrived in today’s post. First off some feedback: Excellent communications, Very well packaged. Received within less than 48hours from point of ordering on line on Tuesday evening. Highly recommended.*****+ DW 29/03/12
  • top marks for very fast delivery! CM 16/03/12
  • Hi Jim, I'll definitely take a good few photos and send them to you. Thanks again for your help, you've been extremely helpful and your customer service is second to none! I hope to persuade a few mates to follow me down the CB route so hopefully I'll be able to put a bit of extra business your way. SM 13/03/12
  • Thanks for the email. Extremely prompt and efficient communication! No problems this end at all. CP 27/02/12
  • Hi Jim, just thought i'd send a picture of the cb you supplied, fitted. I know you use them in your site. Thanks again for the great service. BM 12/02/12
  • Thanks for the speedy service : BL 11/02/12
  • arrived today as promised. Thanks again for the great deal and the excellent service. I'll certainly mention 4x4cb on the fwdc forum with best recommendations BM 10/02/12
  • I received the package this morning about half an hour ago !...Excellent service, cheers : GB 04/02/12
  • Your customer service is second to none. Thanks you truly are a star : JC 04/02/12
  • It's a pleasure doing business with someone like you who truly understands what he's selling. All too often consumers are at the mercy of big organisations that often fail to provide that personal touch, which increases trust and likelihood of return custom : RM 26/01/12
  • Must say, great service to be getting response at this time, thanks : JC 02/02/12
  • Once again, thank you for the fantastic service AP 21/01/12
  • This is great customer service J Very impressed SD 19/01/12
  • Cheers and thanks for the great service you provide (as usual) IR 19/01/12
  • I'm happy to confirm I've received everything in full and happy with the results and the prompt reliable service you provide...If you got some stickers feel free to send them over CK 15/01/12
  • Many thanks for your superb prompt service AM 11/01/12
  • Hi Jim, good to speak to you, thankyou for your advice and fast delivery GS 10/01/12
  • Hi Jim, Item received today. Brilliant service DB 06/01/12
  • Extremely useful email, thanks. I will dig through the details and order the gear via the website PM 02/01/12


  • the aerial is now fitted and working ready for my green lane run on boxing day. Thanks for a great service, when I knocked my other aerial off in a car park in Glasgow I thought it would be a quiet trip on boxing day! SCH 23/12/11
  • Received it yesterday, thanks for a great service IR 23/12/11
  • Thank you for the order. Very nice items and service AF 06/12/11
  • Thanks for that again, much appreciated! ... Brilliant, thanks for your help. Really is a great service you're providing DH 01/12/11
  • Its a pity others don't operate the same service as yourself, top marks from me mate. I will tell my mates in the midlands how quick you post, and see if we can get you some orders CS 29/11/11
  • wow thanks jim, my items have arrived this morning at 9am.how fast is that have seen a few more things that have caught my eye!! ... Jim your a star. as always thank you very much EC 22/11/11
  • Hi Jim, just to let you know I received the order this morning, !!!! FANTASTIC SERVICE !!!!! RB 18/11/11
  • Hi Jim, Just arrived. Spot on thanks!!!!!!!! Superb Service!!!! PF 05/11/11
  • I am really impressed by your prompt and efficient service. It was really good of you to make the effort to get the mic's to me before going away which was much appreciated. I would have no hesitation in using your company again in future LA 04/11/11
  • I would just like to finish by saying how much I appreciate the efforts you made in resolving my problem DF 03/11/11
  • Thanks for your product support and advice throughout - much appreciated RI 30/10/11
  • Packages arrived today, all present and correct. Thanks again Jim - a sterling service. Should get the rig installed over the weekend and I'll be sure to take some photographs. Keep up the good work. ATB to you, Mrs 4x4Cb and all the little ones GD 28/10/11
  • Morning, Jim, Just to thank you for getting all those bits and bobs organised, and for their safe arrival yesterday. Thanks for your continued invaluable support and advice! RE 26/10/11
  • Thank you for your help sorting out the order and the speed and service has been great! JB 19/10/11
  • I phoned about a week ago but you were closed for the day (it was a Friday). I had a phone call and voicemail left so I'd just like to thank you for the great customer service already! RB 19/10/11
  • the performance is fantastic, I have had 35 miles line of sight on 4w ... I'd have to say the best antenna I had. And of course top that off with your service, I'm a very happy man SH 05/10/11
  • Thanks for the excellent service! RH 30/09/11
  • Thanks for the speedy delivery 28/09/11
  • excellent service on your part that my yesterday's order is already on its way!! ... I'll certainly advertise your site to fellow Land Rover enthusiasts here. It is just that I'm so pleasantly surprised to see how you target the 4x4 driver with a good selection of products and packages, lots of photos and documentation on your site *and* how you are able not to get shopping costs out of hand, even to the Netherlands ... thank you again for your service and support!!! JWK 24/09/11
  • Many thanks for the swift delivery JF 09/09/11
  • Jim, Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I am looking for a small and entry level CB with 80 channels and will look at your website for what is available. Thank you again. I was very impressed at how quickly you replied and it is far more likely that I will buy through you now AL 01/09/11
  • Hi Jim, Many thanks for your prompt reply and help JB 01/09/11
  • Thanks again for the refund and your phone call, Jim. Always very happy to return to shop again! RE 30/08/11
  • Jim, Thanks, the guttermount arrived safely. Thanks also for your email update, I'm very impressed with the service and communication and for such a minor order, your reputation is obviously well deserved. As a contrast I am waiting for something else from another company (not CB related) that was ordered on the same day, apart from confirming that they have received payment I have heard nothing from them TB 24/08/11
  • Jim, Many thanks for the 'excellent' service Sir! All parcels arrived promptly and your instruction links were excellent and made the fitting and tuning really easy ... I am responsible on a day to day basis for sending out many thousands of products/orders to the likes of Asda, Tesco, Boots etc or direct to customer homes via the web. I also look after Customer Services and various couriers. It is really refreshing to deal with a small well run business who clearly cares about what they do and the service they provide. Well done mate keep it up! ST 21/08/11
  • Just to let you know that the EGP arrived and I've installed it. Its a tricky install in my Caterham 7 but Im getting an SWR of well under 1.5 across the band so I'm well pleased. Thanks for your help and great service ML 21/08/11
  • Thank you for replying so quick though, that really was astonishingly fast! ... I'm seriously impressed by your response tonight & will make your site first on my list for my 4x4 kit JM 20/08/11
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for sending the sets out so promptly last week... thank you again for your help in getting us kitted out and doing it so quickly. It is more than likely that we will buy more units ourselves but I have also already started recommending you to farming friends too JB 18/08/11
  • nice doing business with you JM 17/08/11
  • thanks for getting back to me about the order so quick earlier... good customer service is always refreshing. If you have any stickers (company logo or such) feel free to send them as I have a heavily modified off roader that is on display at a 4x4 show in a few weeks and always advertise good companies ZRD 11/08/11
  • By the way, I Really Appreciate your fast service for the last two orders. Great service! VB (Romania) 08/08/11
  • Thank you for great sales care and interest KB 04/08/11
  • Thanks for the quick service! JS 02/08/11
  • Thank you for such a great service SS 02/08/11
  • many thanks for taking the time to contact me (twice) and letting me know..... its good to know customer service and great business practice is not dead RW 27/07/11
  • Hello there, my order has just been delivered. Thank you very much for your quick service, much appreciated JMR 19/07/11
  • Hi there Jim, Many thanks to you for sorting me out and getting the despatch done so quickly. I am delighted to confirm that the rig and twig arrived safely and were taken in by my neighbour at about 10.00 this morning. Thats a Fantastic service. Really well packaged up too. Top job sir NT 15/07/11
  • Many thanks again for all your advice DH 12/07/11
  • thank you for your efforts and great customer service ND 30/06/11
  • Thanks Jim, Everything arrived on time, excellent service as usual CL 26/06/11
  • Hi jim, Many thanks for taking the time to compose the email. I really appreciate it ... Again, thank you for the email, you are only one of many who was able to give info to me BB 24/06/11
  • thanks. Excellent service NM 22/06/11
  • Many thanks item arrived today 8th June, excellent service AF 08/06/11
  • Thanks again for all your help today; you can be assured that you will be my first option for future CB supplies ... Thanks again for great service CA 03/06/11
  • thanks for the prompt dispatch CT 03/06/11
  • I would like to pass thanks for the fantastic phone service I received from Jim , thanks to his knowledge and advice I know have a fantastic CB set - up. I would and will be recommending you to anyone who ask for a top notch CB supplier AY 03/06/11
  • Given the lack of ground plane on a motorcycle, the AGP seemed like a sensible solution and I have to say I was very happy with your service, and what I believe to be a good product. My setup consist of a Midland 42 handheld rig, 3ft antenna with your AGP and I have an SWR reading of 1.4 which I’m very pleased with CW 02/06/11
  • Many thanks Jim. Because of your good advice and customer service, I will be ordering from you CA 24/05/11
  • Sorry I missed your call the power supply is not for the cb it's to power some dc lighting in a caravan awning thankyou for your concern and information Its nice to see that someone cares about customers and not just sales DR 20/05/11
  • thanks very much my order was delivered today very quick thanks MW 11/05/11
  • Thanks for the email it's great to have a progress report, just to let you know both packages have arrived this morning will be in touch should we have any problems, CB is for my son who's not home till later thanks again pleasure doing business with yourselves VE 11/05/11
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for your super-rapid work on postage! The SWR meter arrived this morning KT 05/05/11
  • all in all a very satisfied customer, thanks for your help LB 06/05/11
  • I think that was the fastest dispatch ever MW 03/05/11
  • Thanks for your email and your help. Excellent service and I will be sure to come back when I need anything else. As soon as I have everything fitted I will send you some photos gladly. Once again thank you for your help and look forward to dealing with you again. MT 21/4/2011
  • Thank you for sending my silver rod and as you promised, it was here the next day as you said it would be! JB 20/4/2011
  • Many thanks for your excellent service, it has been a pleasure to deal with you and i'll be sure to recommend you in the future! MH 14/4/2011
  • Thank you for good product and excellent delivery, also for including the connector. Hope photos are of use to you. CR 5/4/2011
  • I want to thank you for your prompt service the orders from you arrived in very short time. If I require anymore items I will not hesitate to get in touch thanks. FG 30/3/2011
  • I received my order today, thank's for the quick service. dp 18/3/2011
  • Jim, What a great service!! I only ordered my SWR monitor and lead yesterday lunchtime and they arrived on my desk at work this morning at 11am. I'll certainly be in touch if I need anything else for my cb. LH 16/3/2011
  • Once again many thanks for your fantastic service, And i will look forward to placing an order with you soon, Thanks again Jim. RB 7/3/2011
  • Gutter mount arrived and fitted, thank you very much for a great service. DA 4/3/2011
  • PS goods received in good order, excellent packaging, thank you! BB 4/3/2011
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for the phone call today. I really appreciated the customer service, as its few and far between these days. NDS 10/2/2011
  • Dear Jim, thank you for such a great service, the microphone arrived today! SS 5/2/2011
  • Well done Jim! A pleasure to do business with you as always. AG 31/1/2011
  • After dealing with other eejits in life I cannot believe the service I've received off Jim at 4x4cb. I ordered a new ariel and mount on thursday night and postie stuck it in my hand this morning, saturday. If only every other business followed this example we wouldn't have the apathy we have in this country. Top marks Jim and a great gesture to donate to h4h as well!! JWL 29/1/2011
  • Hi Jim, The parcels arrived this afternoon, well packaged, safe and sound :-) ... Thanks again for putting up with me constantly changing my mind about what I wanted to order from you, hopefully I wasn't too much of a pain. It's been a pleasure to deal with someone who actually knows about the gear they sell and not just trying to get as much money out of the customer as possible. It was refreshing that you contacted me straight after I placed the order to tell me the radio I ordered was out of stock and to suggest an alternative that was actually cheaper! BD 27/1/2011
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for your prompt and informative reply ... Thanks for all your honest guidance, Jim ... appreciate your expertise of course. You've certainly demonstrated you are anything but 'box shifters'! ... Thanks again Jim. Package arrived this afternoon. Please feel free to use any of my feedback on your site (attributed GRKL, West Sussex) as I've been delighted with your excellent service. GRKL 27/1/2011
  • Jim, Many thanks for a such quick response to my question. I shall be ordering and recommend you to all here. K 22/1/2011
  • Jim, many thanks for the prompt dispatch. NW 19/1/2011
  • Once again thanks for the superb service that you provide SB 10/1/2011
  • Arrived already! Many thanks for speedy efficient service. All we need now is for the customer to turn up next week so we can fit it! JB (gumtree4x4) 6/1/2011


  • Many thanks parcel received within 24 hours as described & promised AT 24/12/2010
  • hi jim items came today thankyou very much a pleasure to deal with someone who gives the service you have JM 22/12/2010
  • Dear Jim Thanks for your prompt friendly service (once again) PH 17/12/2010
  • Hi Jim, first many thanks for the advice, it is appreciated at a time when customer service are dirty words to some retailers AW 6/12/2010
  • Thanks for the excellent service. I shall post something complimentary on www.landcruiserclub.net we like good service on there! CJ 29/11/2010
  • Thanks for the products and service, it's nice to deal with someone who cares these days. GT 23/11/10
  • Thanks for your quick response and advice. GB 16/11/10
  • Thanks for the prompt service 11/11/10
  • Order arrived safe and sound. Many thanks for an excellent service :) GL 4/11/10
  • Thank you very much for your honesty and service, this is why you have been recommended to me by other of you customers. SE 3/11/10
  • microphone received very happy, thank you for your great communication RT 3/11/10
  • thx for the excellent and prompt service. BG 2/11/10
  • Hello Jim, Thank you for your reply and please allow me to say what a superb web site you have, very professional with lots of Valuable and RELEVANT information for people like me who last held a CB in the old days when FM had just been born! PH 2/11/10
  • Thanks Jim all items received and all packaged very well, the sale was 100% and after sale even better. It's not very often you can ask questions after you have sent your money! But you went above and beyond. I have sat a few hours reading the good advice on the site, now I'm setup everyone is asking me where I got all the gear from specially the Sirio 827 aerial which is giving me good results all over the place. I will send photos of setup in car and the Sirio soon as I can I promise. Alan (the man with the big smile on is face) AG 27/10/10
  • thanks for the very rapid turnaround of my recent order CW 24/10/10
  • I just want to say thank you, i recieved my order today. thanks again PK 22/10/10
  • Hello Jim, im most grateful for the offer, and although i am about to make some big changes to my company, i am very interested in doing business with you. You are the first company to ever send a message about welcoming enquiries and advice to me, and i have been self employed maintaining comp vehicles for 11 years!! Off roading for 20 years. It is a credit to you and such a simple way to show you care about the end result of a sale of a product. BH 1/10/10
  • Hi Jim, Thanks! I wish everybody was as conscientious about deliveries! The items arrived at lunchtime. KT 1/10/10
  • I've attached some pics of the Midland 78 installed on my Defender! All working, perfect package, very happy with it, the range is excellent!! PS 27/9/10
  • Hi Jim, Just to let you know it all came today! Very very pleased, it's exactly what I was after! Do you have a testimonials section on your website, if so I will write something up over the weekend for you to put on there! Thank you very much again for all of your efforts. JP 24/9/10
  • Great service, speedy delivery and well packed. Thanks PW 20/9/10
  • Thanks for the quick dispatch and your communication is great. It's nice to know what's happening with what you've ordered. EF 14/9/10
  • Many thanks for the excellent service and I'll recommend you to the members of Thames Valley DOC in case they need CB stuff. EE 2/9/10
  • Hi Jim, Thank you very much for your reply, which was both comprehensive and interesting ... unlike that I received from another supplier of CB equipment, who could only be bothered to say: "Hi Mark, I am afraid there is nothing available on the market to do what you are asking. Best Regards," I am in the process of buying a new Landie, in which I have opted to have installed a CD/Radio/MP3 ... to which I now look forward to adding a separate CB radio ... you can be sure I will be more than likely to purchase from your good self than this other supplier ... because you demonstrated much better customer service in response to my enquiry. Thank you for that MT 1/9/10
  • Once again many thanks for all your assistance in this order, I have taken some pics and will get um over to you after this weekend, I will be using you again for sure when the need arises, Great to deal with someone who actually cares about customer service, I will be recommending you for sure and putting a link on some forums i often frequent, Many thanks once again RB 28/8/10
  • Hello Jim, Received the Cobra DX19 IV EU & SWR/PWR meter today, fantastic service, thank you! MS 24/8/10
  • Hi just a quick note thanks for your prompt and speedy delivery SC 17/8/10
  • i have to say fantastic service allround, which makes a pleasant change these days, i will be using you again for sure as the need arises RB 17/8/10
  • Hi Jim, Thanks very much, I received the delivery. I appreciate your assistance and good service. KM 11/8/10
  • Hi Jim Goods arrived as promised and tested ok...........great service as usual. CH 31/7/10
  • Hi Jim Your diagnosis was spot on! - the Mic Plug had a wire detached - re-fixing this and it's all back in working order again! Many thanks for your prompt help and advice MH 27/7/10
  • Really pleased with the CB, thanks very much and i shall recommend you to others! PH 24/7/10
  • To be fair, you've been great over this... many thanks and i'll definitely be doing business with you again in the future. I'd HIGHLY recommend you to others AF 10/7/10
  • Jim, Firstly, many thanks for your reply and advice, (So many companies don't seem to bother!). MD 1/7/10
  • Hi Jim No problems about the email its good to be kept updated. (not many companies bother these days). I got my parcel today well packaged and received quickly (especially since you were ill at the weekend.) Thank you very much for your great service i shall definitely be recommending you and will use you again next time i need some CB bits. KP 23/6/10
  • Goods received, excellent postage and communication, a pleasure to do business. CH 18/6/10
  • Hello, After purchasing my rig from you a couple of years ago and receiving such good service, you were the obvious choice when I bought a roof rack and needed a different aeriel mount. I was very pleased that your service continues to be nothing short of exemplary. The goods arrived the day after ordering and I must say your email to let me know they were on their way is great! Keep up the good work! TB 15/6/10
  • i will use you in the future once again thank KP 8/6/10
  • Dear Jim, Well I've heard of good service... even brilliant service... but AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL AND FANTASTIC SERVICE??? Yup! That's what I call your service! The SWR's arrived safely this morning along with that new patch lead thingummy. FABULOUS! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! PF 8/6/10
  • Jim, thank you, I've placed that order this morning, many thanks for your kind assistance KN 7/6/10
  • Hello Jim, Package Arrived this morning. I am very impressed with the service and will definitely be recommending you to friends. Very refreshing to receive a service where the company actually cares about its customers! MM 22/5/10
  • I found Your company/site too late & got screwed up in .co.uk, not on .com & hence nothing purchased from You, which I now see is a pity & (no criticism to where I did purchase, but I do see You are more of MY type of company) FH 14/5/10
  • hi jim, thanks 4 the message, the item's arrived today, thanks 4 the fast service DD 19/5/10
  • I would just like to thank you for the speed in which you posted the items, I will definitely use your company again for cb related items. DS 13/5/10
  • Hello Jim, Just a note to let you know that I have already received the antenna mount, very fast and impressive delivery AB 10/5/10
  • Hi Jim. Must say, impressed with prices and service. product works well so far. PP 30/4/10
  • Hi Jim Firstly many thanks for the swift delivery and support for my order AM 27/4/10
  • Excellent service, thanks. RB 23/4/10
  • Dear Jim Wow! Who's the impressive one then?! All the goodies arrived this morning safe 'n sound courtesy Postie's little mitts who called across the garden to say these bits I'd wanted had arrived!! Thank you for such a brilliant service. I'll certainly recommend you to others. PF 22/4/10
  • Hi, Jim - it's good to be back! Thanks for your usual great customer service, with the safe arrival of the two items earlier today RE 20/04/10
  • Ill also pass on your website address to the rest of the drivers as your pricing and communication i really am pleased with. CI 16/4/10
  • Jim, Thanks for the email - the boxes did indeed arrive today and everything is in order. May I say this is excellent service - thanks and well done. RP 23/3/10
  • Thank you for your fast response LW 22/3/10
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for your email i appreciate the good communication and confirmation of postage. NS 17/3/10
  • Thanks Jim for being very helpfull, you service is outstanding and it was great to meet your wife, her and Natalie had a good chat. AB 15/3/10
  • Thanks Jim, web order at 11.30, arrived following morning. The false groundplane thing has done the trick, crisis over, Morocco here I come!! SD 5/3/10
  • Received today - many thanks for the great service! SLH 5/3/10
  • Hi Jim, You’re a gent, great service TM 04/03/10
  • Just arrived, thanks for the prompt service. GL 4/3/10
  • Dear Jim Thanks for the prompt delivery of my order, despatched Friday, received Monday! As soon as I get the unit fitted in the car I will gladly sent some photos IM 1/3/10
  • I ordered Late on Monday and received the following day I was very pleased to receive the connectors so quickly and also impressed with the quality. MS 28/2/10
  • very happy with your service JH 28/2/10
  • Many, many thanks for all your help and assistance. I would and hope to come back to you for future products on your customer service. LH 26/2/10
  • Thank you for a wonderful service once again DS 22/2/10
  • Dear Jim, My CB was delivered today as you promised, thanks for the good service. I have friends who will be looking for sets in the near future, and I will point out your good service to them. RD 19/2/10
  • That was brilliant service! AW 14/2/10
  • Hi Jim, Thank you for your prompt service. The goods arrived this morning, they are exactly as described on your web site....When anyone asks where we got aerials etc, I will be passing on your web site details. SD 28/1/10
  • Thanks again for all your help & support. DS 11/2/10
  • ...means your system for sending out stuff works well. Thanks for your help and great PR / good will! Wonderful SD 4/2/10
  • Excellent service, many thanks. DC 2/2/10
  • Hi Jim, First and foremost,thank you very much indeed for the prompt service. My order was here on Friday,nice one. Whatever happens,I shall be back because your service is fantastic NC 31/1/10
  • Many thanks for the great service AW 21/1/10
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for the email, my mount arrived today!! Well impressed,just like the last time. Many thanks to all of you for a fast and excellent service. AF 27/1/10
  • Jim, A pleasure to speak with you, and thanks for your advice....I will promote your excellent service through the Four Wheel Drive Club forum if thats ok DE 21/1/10
  • CB turned up at 9am, superb service ! MR 19/1/10
  • Hi thanks for keeping me updated, so far your customer service has been out of this world to the extent i dont think i have ever bought anything from such friendly and helpful people and i would be more than happy to take a few pictures... once again thank you very much for the service so far MD 12/1/10
  • Radio received, I'll fit it over the weekend. Thanks for the updates on the delivery the communication has been great over this poor weather LC 14/1/10


  • Thanks Jim very helpful, fast efficient service, much appreciated, lets hope fedex are equally efficient. (EMAIL RECEIVED 3 HOURS LATER : Packages received, Many thanks!) MJ 22/12/09
  • Thank you very much, you were a great help to us. FH 2/12/09
  • Order received well packed excellent bit of kit will use you again and recommend you. KB 2/12/09
  • thanks for speedy delivery CC 1/12/09
  • Thank-you for an excellent service. I'll definitely recommend you to others and will used you again without hesitation. JM 27/11/09
  • Just a quick email to thank you for the chassis mount sockets, they arrived in good time and we look forward to future business with you. www.cobraworxshopz.com 26/11/09
  • Hi Jim, Top man!!! thanks for a fantastic service, i will recommend you to all at hpoc!!!! EP 22/11/09
  • Thanks - delivered Sat. morning first thing. Appreciate your efforts to satisfy my order so promptly. Thanks again BE 21/11/09
  • Goods arrived as promised, great service, thanks. CH 19/11/09
  • Hi Jim, All turned up yesterday just wanted to say thanks for putting the patch lead in I forgot to order!! Very impressed with the service, I'm sure I'll be back. Thanks again CR 07/11/09
  • Hi Jim, just to let you know that my package arrived safely today, Very many thanks for your prompt service DR 14/10/09
  • Hi, Jim. The items did arrive yesterday, safely - so many thanks again for your advice and help. The Advice pages are so very helpful too - thanks. So..Until the next purchase....!! RE 7/10/09
  • many thanks jim...... great service as per normal...... DB 5/10/09
  • Thank you very much for the speedy delivery GS 10/9/09
  • Hi Jim, Many thanks for all your help, I received my order as requested. Credit where credit is due, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the efficiency of your service, I was impressed with both the speed and the quality of the products I purchased. I will be recommending you to any other 4X4 off roading nuts I meet. A five star service, will be doing business with you in the future. IM 10/9/09
  • thanks for all your help in the past. I wont forget it ST 9/9/09
  • Thanks for your help, you have a fantastic company with a great reputation and it's been a pleasure doing business with you. JS 5/9/09
  • Fantastic service by the way. AF 5/9/09
  • Hi Jim, As previously stated I have managed to get a few people at work interested in your website and as a result have recently been putting a few orders in for various colleagues. I'm glad to report that everyone I have placed an order for are happy with their great quality products, with the good prices, and they are impressed at the speed of delivery! Thank you! RJ 1/9/09
  • hi jim, got the mic 10am next day,1st class service as usual, plugg'd it into the old box and it worked first time, DL 15/8/09
  • Thanks for all your help over the last few days. SL 15/5/09
  • thanks for getting back to me. Both Bob (friend in Malvern) and I are very pleased with the Intek and mic, and the mount will be installed on the Land Rover we are taking to Morocco in October... Once I've got my Land Rover sorted for greenlaning I will be needing a CB for it and now know where to come! IR 6/8/09
  • Many thanks for this order which was all received safe and sound. Your notes on the Intek H-520 were much appreciated and made me read the manual thoroughly! Thanks for a great service IR 4/8/09
  • Jim, Further to your email below just wanted to say many thanks for getting the order to me last Thursday - much appreciated. RS 13/7/09
  • once again many thanks for the speedy service TM 30/6/09
  • Hi Jim Just a quick line to say thank you for sending my order so quick it arrived today BM 30/6/09
  • I would also like to take this opportunity to say how helpful you've been answering my questions RG 26/6/09
  • Hi Jim Thanks for the email, nice to see a personal touch rather than an automated message. I was going to ring, but your extremely helpful guides on your website gave me lots of confidence. If I'm unsure, I'll give you a ring. AR 25/6/09
  • Thanks for prompt dispatch MP 25/6/09
  • Hi Jim - Amazing service & turn around of order, less than 24 hours since I ordered it & it's on my desk. Well done. RJ 24/6/09
  • Hi Jim , just to let you know it arrived today. thanks for the great service.. SD 17/6/09
  • I have emailed you attachments for my TTi - TCB 880 CB radio, hope these help you in selling more. I am very happy with mine and will be ordering from your website again, thankyou. DH 16/6/09
  • Thank you for your excellent service in getting the CB Rig out to me wish everyone offered such good service. DS 15/6/09
  • Hi Jim First of all, thanks very much for turning the order round so quickly - I'm very impressed! CW 10/6/09
  • Thanks again for the excellent products, prices and quick delivery. RP 6/6/09
  • Thanks a lot for the continued great service and products! RL 22/5/09
  • Parcel arrived today as advised, very nicely wrapped as well! Thanks for dealing with my order so promptly & efficiently Jim, much appreciated TS 14/5/09
  • thanks for the great service JS 13/5/09
  • cheers Jim.....excellent service as usual......duly ordered (antenna in black please)...and more recommendations heading your way!!! SL 12/5/09
  • Thanks very much for the excellent service. JP 9/5/09
  • cheers for advice, many people just think of the money and dont give you any advice about it. ML 7/5/09
  • Hi Jim, Many thanks for your prompt service and attention yesterday, the parcels turned up today as you said, I am very pleased with the package and hope to have it fitted in my tractor and working in the next few days, i look forward to doing business with you again in the future EO 6/5/09
  • Hi Jim, No worries mate.. your service is always reliable DH 1/5/09
  • Hi Jim It came today, as predicted... many thanks! Another happy POCUK customer SH 1/5/09
  • Hi Jim, Many thanks for this. Who said customer service was dead! MP 6/4/09
  • Jim. Firstly thanks for the phonecall and secondly for the advice. You've come highly recommended from a fella at work and I know that you would only give me the best advice. Word of mouth generates more sales than anything else. Appreciate all the help and guidance. NW 3/4/09
  • Thanks Jim, for your prompt service. Regarding the extra credit, I am very pleased that I am buying on internet from a very trust worthy seller. GZ 2/4/09
  • Thankyou so much for the order, if you were not aware i run the site www.plymouthoffroad.co.uk, and i noticed you are registered on there, i was very impressed with your service and speedy delivery, i have recommended you on the site and would be nice if you could post up a few deals in our local garages/services section. As i feel you will get alot of repeat business from us in the future, also please could you send me some stickers as i would be more than happy to advertise your services JA 1/4/09
  • Hi Jim. My order just arrived, super high speed delivery again. PERFECT SERVICE, THANK YOU. SB 25/3/09
  • pleased to report my package did indeed turn up today, all present and correct, thank you... Many thanks for the top class service JG 24/3/09
  • Hi Jim! I've just got back, so this is a quick email to say thanks again, so much, for all your help getting the CBs to us. They were, as you'd expect, absolutely indispensable to us - not least since they helped me to keep a couple of drivers awake, alert, and one might even say alive during inexcusably long forced drives under police escort! We decided to leave them in situ in the vehicles when we donated them, so I'm pleased to say there'll be more business for you when we next go back! KT www.aidconvoy.net 18/3/09
  • Thanks for the good communication all the way through, and I will definitely deal with you again, and recommend you. PC 18/3/09
  • Jim, Many thanks for the note -the package arrived safely today..... Some times these days it seems like some companies feel it is their right to take money off you: for deciphering a website, chasing them by email and eventually getting what you wanted.... not here, thanks for coming up with what was needed - a straight forward & helpful website, prompt delivery and all at a keen price.... total satisfaction. No hesitation in recommending you. SS 16/3/09
  • Many thanks for the prompt reply. Excellent service!!! RK 11/3/09
  • dear jim, congratulations, on the birth of your son, i hope your wife and son get better soon, my thoughts are with you all. also thank you for your quick response, even with everything going on you have managed to send the items out (quicker than i had expected). CC 16/2/09
  • Thanks for the first class service SB 12/2/09
  • Jim Your executive decision was fine...thank you for a great service. GI 9/2/09
  • you have managed the situation very professionally and so you made the right decisions...you were always honest and efficient with me. GS 8/2/09
  • Thanks for taking the time to reply so thoroughly. KT 6/2/09
  • Hi Jim kit arrived today (Friday) at about 10.00, great service! RW 6/2/09
  • I have just received the CB in a very well packed parcel. Thanks for your excellent service. GZ 3/2/09
  • thanks for your service, you got recommended to me by a friend of mine: Arthur van Beek from Amersfoort. DV 23/1/09 (FOLLOWUP : Received the CB yesterday in perfect shape...Thanks for your excellent service. DV 29/1/09 - NETHERLANDS)
  • Thanks for your quick service. JS 13/1/09
  • Hi! thanks so much for your excellent service! i received the CB, Ariel & Mag mount in super fast time! the CB is perfect for my needs, my only gripe was with the courier, attempted to deliver it to the wrong address twice! but, and i wasnt expecting this, you guys refunded the postage for me! VERY VERY IMPRESSED! i'll recommend you to anyone looking for a new CB in the future! JH 12/1/09
  • Thanks Jim! That's a super thorough email - your service is really impressive. SM 7/1/09
  • Thanks, Jim. Helpful as always. You'll be pleased to hear I always point everyone in your direction when they're looking for CB's and accessories. RH 7/1/09
  • I dont know if you remember but you sent me an aerial mount and lead upto a campsite in Scotland in May, I have never said thankyou for arranging that the delivery to Oban, I fitted it the next day and i took it with the Danita 3000uk that i had fitted in the Discovery, through the Isle of Skye, over to the outer Hebrides (Harris and Lewis) and all the way back home in the Midlands, so thanks again, it made the holiday. LC 4/1/09


  • Dear Jim, Thank you for sending my order tonight at such short notice, One thing I will comment on is your FANTASTIC service and help. 4x4CB.com has now got a new life time customer. I look forward to doing business with you again, RW 30/12/08
  • just to let you know i'm really pleased with the equipment that you supplied, works a treat. GJ 28/12/08
  • Hi Jim, Package arrived safe and sound a short while ago... Brilliant bit of kit... Just had a quick play and I'm seriously impressed! Can't wait to get it plumed in permanently! I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase! Thank you very much for all your help and advice MA 19/12/08
  • Thank you for all your help when my goods where in limbo . And the goods i purchases from you was correct ( top marks ) if any one asks where i got the cb from i will not hesitate to recommend you at 4x4cb.com RY 12/12/08
  • Order arrived at the crack of dawn today. Excellent service, thankyou. MW 28/11/08
  • Many thanks for your excellent service, I'll recommend you to fellow off roaders... I have posted a recommendation for your company on the Plymouth offroad site http://plymouthoffroad.co.uk/smf/index.php?topic=333.0 Thanks again for your help, MB 23/11/08
  • I recently placed an order with you and I must say I was very impressed with the service I received, I couldn't have asked for anything more. All the item descriptions were very accurate and informative and everything arrived in perfect condition exactly when predicted. Also the guides on your website regarding installation etc were very helpful, I can safely say you have secured all of my future CB related purchases, and you have been strongly recommended to the local 'crowd'. MW 18/11/08
  • Cheers for sending it first class post cos i will be using it as soon as it arrives. You can put your mind at rest about the new franking machine cos it did arrive the very next day, which is today tuesday the 11th Nov. So it's doing its job well, ten out of ten! JR 11/11/08
  • Cheers Jim, They arrived this morning - unbelievably quickly! RL 11/11/08
  • Many thanks for taking the time and effort to help us, we were delighted with your service and help. The refund was much appreciated and the goods seem to be in good working order, so we have no complaints with yourselves and would be very happy to deal with you again JH 5/11/08
  • Thanks for your help and the good service AVB 2/11/08
  • hi the cb mount came today thanks for fast sevice, just so you know i heard about you on Landyzone i see you are a member on there maybe you should put a post up i think what you are selling is good enough RH 31/10/08
  • the CB works great and I can heartily recommend you and the kit you sold me to my compadres on the various fora I hang out on ML 28/10/08
  • Recieved in full.Perfect service PK 20/10/08
  • Excellent quick service DH 18/10/08
  • many thanks for your invaluable help and of course fantastic products! RS 17/10/08
  • Excellent web site by the way, I found the set up info very useful GD 15/10/08
  • I'd recommend anyone to go out and buy this sirio 827 wow its made a huge difference, and the price at 4x4CB was unbeatable... i know iv searched everywhere no one could beat 4x4CB.com, cheers guys..looking forward to doing more shopping with you soon. GJ 11/10/08
  • Hi jim, as you promised, nylon ring has arrived this morning. wow thats fast!!!! EC 10/10/08
  • by the way outstanding customer service!!!!!!! RT 2/10/08
  • all items received by 8:30 this morning, thankyou so much for going that extra mile, have mentioned you on our mini club forum as the place to go (hope this is ok). Thanks once again & look forward to placing more orders with you RT 4/10/08
  • PS great service KN 1/10/08
  • Here's a couple of pictures of the CB as promised, if you would like any more then please do ask... Once again, thank you for the great service AG 30/9/08
  • Thanks for the after sales info Jim , it's really good to discover some people stand behind their products after they sell you it. I've added your site into "Radio Stuff" in My favourites DL 29/9/08
  • My CB order arrived with no problems. Thanks for the excellent service MT 25/9/08
  • My order arrived this morning, thankyou for such a prompt service AB 25/9/08
  • Thanks again for your post sales tech support. HP 25/9/08
  • Excellent service by the way :) NJ 18/9/08
  • Thank you once again for your help and first class service... AG 17/9/08
  • Arrived today, thank you for the Speedy dispatch AC 19/8/08
  • Once again, thanks for the advice and having such a useful website! RS 15/8/08
  • Thanks for your superb customer service - very good!!! If only all companys we deal with were as good as you! DP 13/8/2008
  • Hi Guys, Just to say great product and an even better service. I will happily shop with you again. I am always happy to thank people for a good service. I am Secretary of Suffolk Land Rover owners club we have 450 members. I will of course via our club mag and website be letting them know of your great products and service TW 8/8/2008
  • Yes i got the aerial a few days ago thanks very much if i need more cb stuf ill be sure to order from you again DJM 6/8/2008
  • Hi Jim, got the 827 ring today,very pleased with it, thanx for your superb service S&CD 06/08/2008
  • Jim, thanks for the prompt attention, Quick Release, SWR meter & patch lead arrived today as promised. JH 06/8/2008
  • Hi Jim, CB was great, made the whole Ireland trip a lot more fun - thanks! MH 24/7/2008
  • Morning Jim, Set up arrived this morning, thank you very much again for your help DG 18/7/2008
  • Hello, i recently purchased from you a bull bar aerial mount. i must say it arrived promptly and aswell as the 5m of coax it is of a high quality. Needless to say i am very pleased with it DS 17/7/2008
  • all been delivered thank you for your prompt service KW 16/7/2008
  • I had intended to only order some spare aerials for the harvest season, but at that price and knowing the president harry to be a good rig I had to order it GE 15/7/2008
  • I'll pass on a good word for you on the Disco3.co.uk forum - can't do anything official as that requires sponsorship, but will use word of mouth MH 14/7/2008
  • Dear Jim, Parcel arrived today. All ok, thanks very much. I appreciate the quick service. As you can see I run a small garage - we specialise in Jeeps/4x4s and quite often need CB products when preparing a vehicle for various levels of Off Roading. I shall certainly be using your services again in the future PF 8/7/2008
  • Hi Jim, I have received the parcels, all in excellent condition thank you very much... once again Fast, Smooth delivery/Transaction. RJ 3/7/2008
  • Cheers Jim. Good doing business with you, such a gentleman. KR 2/7/2008
  • Thanks Jim!! With service like that I will certainly be back for any future requirements! PH 27/6/2008
  • Hi Jim, CB bits arrived in todays post! Many thanks, excellent service! JH 17/6/2008
  • Very fast delivery and excellent service. SW 16/6/2008
  • I'm impressed at how quick off the mark you have been MO 13/6/2008
  • thank you very much for your excellent help and advice DT 11/6/2008
  • I am more than happy with my purchase, just got to find some one else with a CB now. I shall be recommending your website also! Must say - FAST delivery! - RJ - 7/6/2008
  • Thanks for asking - that's good customer service! - SB - 5/6/2008
  • superfast delivery - DF - 4/6/2008
  • Many thanks once again for your great service - CA - 29/5/2008
  • No problem Jim.Great service as usual,and as for the £3, have a pint on me! - PW - 29/5/2008
  • Hi Jim, Just thought I'd email to thank you for such a superb service. Not only is your web site an inspiration to a budding cb'er the delivery was truly next day - RB - 28/5/2008
  • Have received the 2 aerials, they fit perfectly, many thanks for sending them so quick - GL - 24/5/2008
  • Thanks for this - Ive mentioned to a few people about how good your service is - CL - 13/5/2008
  • Many thanks for a great deal! - DW - 7/5/2008
  • Thanks for the brilliant service, the mount works a treat! - TB - 25/4/2008
  • Will tell all my friends and fellow offroad pals about your fantastic personal service, politeness and helpfullness, even for a small oversea buyer. Glad to see that there is still a decent straightforward retailer out there. SL (Sweden) 18/4/08
  • Thanks for your help and advice, good service and knowledge AR 14/4/08
  • on the whole i think your website is excellent in content,easy to use and simple to order from RA 12/4/08
  • Jim, Sets arrived today, thank you for all your help and advice. DS 11/4/08
  • Thanks very much for your prompt service, item arrived within 24hrs and the cheapest I could find anywhere SH 9/4/08
  • i found it (4x4cb.com) easy enough to use and recommended your services to other people who i know have purchased from you LW 7/4/08
  • Hi, my wife received the goods this morning thanks for a quick despatch KT 4/4/08
  • By the way, I've bought quite a bit of stuff from you, and I'm really happy with the goods themselves as well as the service you've provided. BM 3/4/08
  • Hi Jim, All arrived this morning in good condition. Fitting at the weekend [don't have time during the week] but don't expect any issues. Thanks for your time, great service [as always] DH 2/4/08
  • No problem at all Jim. At least you contacted me. I ordered five things from seperate websites on Monday and you are the only one who has replied so far!! BW 2/4/08
  • The pages (on 4x4cb.com) are put together well and are really helpful as I have never bought anything like this before and found the whole process straightforward. Excellent delivery service too CH 30/3/08
  • Hello jim just to let you know my antenna arrived at 12 30 am today very impressed SL 28/3/08
  • CB Radio package arrived yesterday, very prompt delivery IR 28/3/08
  • Hello Jim, I thought your site and ordering process was really good, easy to follow and your delivering service was excellent it came the next working day as you promised. I would recommend you to any persons wishing to buy from you. SS 28/3/08
  • I found it (4x4cb.com) easy to navigate, full of good information and simple to use - I have recommended your site to others because of this. DG 28/3/08
  • Thanks jim nice to do business with you and thankyou for the advice the reason i bought from you jim was the prompt reply to my enquiry and i will definitely buy from you again SL 27/3/08
  • First of all I would like to say how easy I found your site to use. Even though I had never had a CB before and knew nothing about them, your site had all the information I needed to select the right one. I found it very useful to be able to buy everything I needed in one 'good value' package without having to research into all the parts I would need. The delivery was quick and well packaged. Your site also contains very good info on installing the unit which I found very useful ... I really cannot fault the site. It was informative, quick and easy to use. The product I received was good quality, good value and was delivered the next day. I have and will continue to recommend your site. GH 27/3/08
  • I found the whole experience of using your business satisfying as had my friends that recommended you GE 27/3/08
  • Dear Jim, Thanks for the note; it is good of you to keep in touch and maintains the service I have had from you previously. PL 19/3/08
  • Jim, Many thanks for sending these items as quickly as you have. SE 19/3/08
  • Thank You Jim you're a star. TM 6/3/08
  • Wow. Excellent service. Many thanks. AJ 6/3/08
  • your great website that has helped loads ... The best web site i've found by far PW 27/2/08
  • It came on Saturday, thanks for the quick turn around. Ive ordered from you before in the past and will be sure to again in the future. Thanks again JF 25/2/08
  • many thanks for the fast service DH 22/2/08
  • First time buyer of a cb and found Jim to be very helpful and is always ready to offer is advice on any problems you come across, whether it is on the phone or by e-mail. I will be recommending him to all my 4x4 club friends. PH 22/2/08
  • Hi there thanks for a speedy service KF 22/2/08
  • you have sold me a real good bit of kit i am well chuffed. thanks very much for your time. GS 19/2/08
  • Everything's arrived by the way, thanks for the quick delivery RH 14/2/08
  • Thanks for the great service RC 14/2/08
  • Hi Jim, Received parcel today - and again very happy. Hope to install antenna at weekend - and very impressed with twin cable (Maplins priced at £2.49 per metre) {our price 85p meter) Thanks again DG 13/2/08
  • Hi Jim, Yes, everything has arrived now. Thank you very much for all your help, was more than a pleasure doing business with you, I would definitely recommend you to others. CH 11/2/08
  • Hi, Jim. Just to let you know that the package arrived today and no problems with the contents, exactly the plugs & sockets I needed. Thank you for the prompt and efficient service, and the good prices. It was good doing business with you. RA 8/2/08
  • Hi Jim, Order arrived today, thank you. First class service. GA 4/2/08
  • Jim, Thanks for checking back again. Not many firms have this level of customer service! QC 3/2/08
  • Cheers Jim - hope to do business again sometime, and I would certainly recommend your service. DG 31/1/08
  • Hi, This is to say thanks for the advice and products that have allowed me to install the CB in my new truck so neatly. The ME-4 mounting plate fitted like a dream and now the CB looks like it was always in place ... In short it is good to know there is a reliable supplier of quality CB goods. I will be back soon when I fancy a new aerial. SM 31/1/08
  • Hi Jim, Just to say thank you for the photocopy handbook which arrived this morning. Very grateful indeed. JC 30/1/08
  • dear jim, thank you very much for the service you have provided, fast and efficient. after having bad experience in ordering over the internet, its great to know some people can still provide a good service, i shall be recommending your site to friends. DC 29/1/08
  • Dear Jim, Order received today - in perfect condition. Many thanks for a superb on-line buying experience! CG 22/1/2008
  • parcel arrived at 9.30am this morning (day after ordering) thank you very much GS 22/01/2008
  • Just started using your service, i ordered an ariel and mount a couple of weeks ago which is now working first class on my foden truck, so much so that my fellow drivers are getting interested as well, so i've ordered another of the same kind. first class ordering and delivery. DL 15/01/2008
  • I received my items and my friend, GE, received his CB kit....we are both very happy with them TPB 11/1/2008
  • Thank you very much for your help. I'll shall recommend you to friends SP 8/1/2008
  • Thanks Jim, FYI you came well recommended from 2 different groups of friends, I have never had that happen before just thought you may like to know GE 4/1/2008
  • I have recently bought some equipment of you and am pleased with the quality and speedy delivery LP 4/1/2008


  • I'd firstly like to thank you very much for all your help. Its been great to work with someone that cares about his customers and your help and great service (i received my order by 10.30 am the next day) have been very much appreciated. I have installed the Johnson II and the difference is unreal, the performance is fantastic and the quality of sound you get is great, as you described. The auto squelch has even sorted out my interference problem as it puts the squelch up when i get interference but drops it as soon as i get a signal. In short i'm over the moon and can only thank you again. JT 28/12/07
  • Arrived and fitted... Very Happy :-) - happy new year CC 26/12/07
  • Thanks for a fast service SG 23/12/07
  • Many thanks for the swift reply, excellent service! MD 19/12/07
  • Thanks for all your help and information over the past couple of days VB 14/12/07
  • Thankyou for your prompt reply and service, I shall sincerely recommend you to all my friends AC 14/12/07
  • Hi Jim, just to say that all the c.b's and arials arrived fine and have been installed - over the moon with them. We are able to talk to our lorry drivers out to a range of around 15 miles much more than anticipated, probably due to the fact our yard is on top of a big hill BG 14/12/07
  • Order arrived on my desk 11.00 this morning! Cracking good service,considering it was only minor items! Feel free to quote me on this PW 7/12/07
  • Many thanks as usual for first class service AH 6/12/07
  • Best Wishes & thanks for the super service DH 4/12/07
  • I just wanted to let you know that the shipment did arrive in good condition. Thank you for this quick despatch DB (Belgium) 30/11/07
  • I'm well chuffed with your company! MB 20/11/07
  • Ordered goods Wednesday pm and they were delivered Thursday , great service Thanks SB 8/11/07
  • Got my stuff OK today thanks Jim... Will tell the club what a great service you provide KH 2/11/07
  • Thanks for a speedy response to my order, if only all internet sellers operated as smoothly as yours the world of internet buying would be bliss AB 23/10/07
  • The website is awesome ... Thanks for the quick reply and i will definitely be recommending you to friends IH 19/10/07
  • Just ordered it Jim, many thanks for some great service! GP 11/10/07
  • Fantastic! Cheers for the speedy service Jim! AT 8/10/07
  • Thanks very much for your help anyway, your service has been first class! MC 3/10/07
  • thankyou for your advice on which bits to get, it was much appreciated TH 3/10/07
  • as a TOTAL newbe to CBing i just thought i would let you know how informative your site is to someone like me...there is a very high chance indeed that i will be buying from you....your prices very good and you seem to know all there is to know. Many thanks for a good site K 2/10/07
  • Your website is full of excellent info. GN 30/9/07
  • it's so nice to deal with somebody that cares JH 20/9/07
  • Thanks for a great service. Will be ordering again shortly RC 25/9/07
  • cheers jim got the radio today and have it installed thanks for all ur help CB 20/9/07
  • Received it today, beautiful aerial, many thanks SN 18/9/07
  • Thats very good of you. Fantastic service i've had, i will definitely be recommending you to friends! SP 17/9/07
  • Thanks for the heads up! A class service! SP 18/9/07
  • Thanks again for your help and assistance DL 15/9/07
  • So far I have bought 2 CBs and accessories from you. You have given excellent service BJ 27/8/07
  • Order received! Mega fast delivery! Will send you a photo of aerial as soon as its fitted. Many thanks for your help! P&N 24/8/07
  • Parcel delivered excellent service as usual PM 21/8/07
  • Thank you, you have been very helpful. Look forward to doing business with you IG 7/8/07
  • Excellent service IG 18/8/07
  • Hi Jim, just received the CB package - amazingly quick delivery! KL 18/8/07
  • Hi Jim.Got cb ok.Excellent service-definitely use you again JM 5/8/07
  • Many Thanks for a swift service. DA 27/7/07
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for replying so quickly. may I say that i have found your website the best around for information I can gladly say youve got a customer for life just from the advise you have given. MV 23/7/07
  • Got the cb this morning,thanks for the fast service AS 20/7/07
  • Thanks very much for your time & effort BW 19/7/07
  • Brilliant!! Recieved at 9am, talk about fast delivery! Everything on the order was in the box and the packaging was first class. The price was spot on and the communications were also very good....I would recommend 4x4cb to any one. Thanks for a great service. MC 13/7/07
  • Thanks for the prompt & frank reply Fully appreciate your position; great website by the way - it's been very helpful so far. SH 17/7/07
  • Thanks for your reply - great service - I look forward to my CB equipment CW 1/7/07
  • Just to let you know I received my CB equipment yesterday as arranged - really great service! CW 4/7/07
  • Further to my email, i forgot to say many thanks...I am a moderator of the Hilux Pickup Owners Club and have posted a recommendation in the manufacturers links forum here http://www.hpoc.co.uk/community/index.php?showtopic=3946 JP 29/6/07
  • Thanks very much for the MYthos and the new meter,got them ok on tuesday, very pleased with the mithos, its a good arial and looks nice too!... JC 22/6/07
  • Antenna arrived today - great service, thanks JL 21/6/07
  • Thanks for the rapid service! DM 18/6/07
  • Many thanks for the phone call, if I had have wanted the filter for my cb most companies would have taken the money and RUN...! Nice to see honest people / companies around KB 6/6/07
  • I noticed that I got the postcode wrong 5 minutes before receiving your email! Many thanks for your investigative work on finding my actual postcode KW 31/5/07
  • Dear Jim, Microphone arrived in the post this morning. Thank you for your prompt service RL 24/5/07
  • order received, many thanks very fast delivery GM 9/5/07
  • I've mentioned (on www.mdocuk.co.uk) how helpful you have all been and that you have a lightning fast delivery time KG 8/5/07
  • Thank you very much Jim Thats very kind of you KN 8/5/07
  • please find attached some photos of my new cb that I brought from you installed in my td5 disco...hope this helps you,and many thanks for a great service AS 6/5/07
  • Thanks for your helpfull speedy service MC 2/5/07
  • Midland 98 arrived this morning, as you said it is a nice solid piece of equipment. Thanks for the prompt service and for taking the trouble to telephone me yesterday. B 4/5/07
  • ME : "I don't suppose you would be able to give me a little plug on the forum would you?? " Already done mate, I put a post up in the 'links' section of the forum and I'll recommend you if ever anyone asks ;-) MA 2/5/07
  • Thank you for the prompt despatch of the goods BR 1/5/07
  • Just thought I'd drop a small line to say quality all round website! .... Anyway, thanks for providing a very informative website - bravo :) SE 23/4/07
  • Thanks for that most comprehensive reply.... Thanks for the extra connection - that was thoughtful. I shall no doubt be shopping with you again! RM 15/3/07
  • Thanks very much for the excellent service and products, I'll gladly use yourselves again and recommend you to anyone that i speak to who's looking for CB equipment. AS 13/4/07
  • It was the least i could do after the wonderful service provided by yourself... If youd like any more pics feel free to ask... As you've maybe noticed i am a marshalling coordinator for the csma and am getting some decals made up for the trooper to advertise the fact. If its ok with you I would like to add a couple of www.4X4cb.com to my small collection thats going on AS 17/4/07
  • Hi Jim, Another rapid despatch from you ,received Tuesday,a.m.! Sure beats the ten days it took to get a secondhand faulty CB off ebay for just a little less. Should know better. Your descriptions are really helpful in selecting the right CB KR 12/4/07
  • The cb worked great, it made us feel much more part of the group when we went greenlaning on Sunday some of our friends were interested in our cb we told them of your good advice, friendly service and also the many different units and packages that you sell. JG 9/4/07
  • Hi Jim, TYVM for the info, You will have my business. I was given a link to your website yesterday from one of the boys on the Frontera Owners Group forum he has bought a set up from you for his Frontera, I sent Thunderpole an e-mail last Thursday, they still haven't replied, well good luck to them but, fair play to you, I e-mailed you today and you got back to me the same day, can't fault that Mate. I am very grateful for your speedy reply and that has put you in front of the opposition. R 7/4/07
  • All Arrived OK, Gave You A Plug On Mud-Club.com! MB 5/4/07
  • Everything arrived and is all in good condition. Will take some pictures and send them to you when its up and running...Thanks again, i have recommended your company to users of www.TheMiniForum.co.uk SB 4/4/07
  • Just to thank you for an excellent and speedy service.. MR 4/4/07
  • You have been a great help LH 1/4/07
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for getting back to me. You where smack on with your answer to my wiring problem and i am now back on air. Again many thanks SC 1/4/07
  • Thank you for all your effort and good service. MB 21/3/07
  • Jim..........I have used your company in the past and will continue to do so in the future, this slight delay has no bearing on the ongoing rebuild of my landrover so no worries......also i have highly recommended you and your services to many of my friends SL 20/3/07
  • And I have to say apart from the price, your service has been much better than your competitor (Thunderpole), YouR service and Price is better than Thunderpole, Excellent thanks again. RF 2/3/07
  • Hi there, i have attached some pics of my cb installed in my suzuki samurai, if you need more photos i would be happy to take more for you. Thanx for the great service with my orders and i will recommend your company at every opportunity. AS 1/3/07
  • Hi Jim, Just a wee note to thank you for going to a lot of trouble to get the order up to the frozen north on Saturday....Thanks again for a first class service AS 19/2/07
  • i think your site is really good mate keep up the good work AM 15/2/07
  • I just bought a Midland 48Plus Multi and a magmount with short springer. To be hones I wasn't expecting too much from the aerial since it is such a bargain, but the whole setup is FANTASTIC! Straight out the box I am getting almost unmeasurable SWR on ch1 and less than 1.5 on ch40! Almost made me doubt the meter so I tested it by using a shi##y groundplane and sure enough we were up around 2.5 - 3. Bloody well done you lot! Bargain prices and quality kit! Thanks :-) RW 14/2/07
  • Just a quick thank you for the excellent service with my order. I placed the order yesterday afternoon, and the CB was waiting for me at work when I arrived this morning. The item was very well packaged and protected for transit. I shall certainly recommend yourselves if/when the opportunity arises. TH 13/2/07
  • Just wanted to say thank you for your quick delivery and quality of your goods, CS 2/2/07
  • Thanks for the email in respect of my order and I am emailing you to let you know that it was delivered this afternoon at 14.55 safe and sound....Thanks for the prompt service, I will certainly be recommending you to friends. AA 1/2/07
  • I was wondering if you had any flyers, business cards or stickers advertising yourselves. If you do stick some in with the order and I will hand them out at our next off-road meeting, I know there is a shortage of good cb equipment suppliers up here in the North of Scotland. GB 13/1/07
  • Thanks for the message, not many companys would get in touch before a problem may arise. GB 17/1/07
  • Ive bought a couple of things of your site before, and the service was great so thanks for that. I've recommended your site to a few mates and we would be prepared to buy four of these package deals of cb aerial and mount from you, Are you prepared to offer any kind of group discount? JF 12/1/07
  • Thank you for great service once again : ) RP 10/1/07
  • Thanks very much for excellent service JS 5/1/07
  • Aerial arrived before xmas .... Top class service from 4x4CB as usual :) RS 4/1/07


  • Thank you very much, I must say what great service you give! IM 28/12/06
  • Many thanks for your 1st class service received CB aerials today well packed etc JR 15/12/06
  • I received the earphones today. That's amazing shipping time from the UK to Canada. These little beauties are really awesome and comfortable...Cheers and Thanks KR 12/12/06
  • Thank you for your help, very pleased with the service and the quickness of your reply to my query LS 16/11/07
  • Hi Jim, just to let you know that the AT-12 aerial that I ordered arrived safely this morning ... Very many thanks for keeping me informed during the delay period, it was much appreciated. DR 14/11/06
  • I have taken the liberty of including you in my website, acknowledging your helpful manner. www.piczo.comXXXXX (Credits & Links page) Also, as I am member of the Pajero Owners Club, www.pocuk.com, I will be including a write up and review on you/your business in the next couple of days, as well as hopefully asking the site owner to put a proper link in. MP 10/10/06
  • hi jim, thanks for the quick service and turn around .... i will definitely recommend you to the guys in my 4x4 club. ST 28/9/06
  • thanks very much for such a good service. SM 27/9/06
  • I would like to say I am very pleased with the good communication I have received from you and would like to thank you for keeping me informed. SH 13/9/06
  • Excellent! now that's what I call service Big thanks D 6/9/06
  • The aerial arrived Friday,well packed and intact,and just what I needed. KR 29/8/06
  • Thanks Jim for such swift service CP 25/8/06
  • Thanks for replying to my question about the ' PL ' connection, I must also say I'm really pleased with the sirio aerial that I got from you (SIRIO HI-POWER 3000), The S.W.R. is really low throughout all the UK channels. Many thanks again JC 11/8/06
  • Many thanks goods arrived today -Wish more people were as efficient JH 8/8/06
  • Jim, CB came today and has been fitted and working well I Think... I Will recommend your site to my friends and will speak highly of your good self. Many thanks looking forward to my next order IC 25/7/06
  • Hi Jim, That's what I call top notch service! Many thanks! GM 19/7/06
  • Wow! Thanks for the rapid response! MG 19/7/06
  • Please dispatch goods to...Many thanks Axxx Sxxxxxxx (returning happy customer!) AS 12/7/06
  • Cheers for sorting out the package so quickly - it arrived on Saturday and the postman left it in the porch. GO 31/5/06
  • Just like to say thanks for the great communication, much appreciated :) Do you have any window/bumper stickers at all, I never mind advertising for a great company. RC 10/5/06
  • P.S. Im very impressed with your website and specialist knowledge in offroad and 4x4 vehicles RD 1/5/06
  • i would like to say what a cracking website you have very interesting KC 6/5/06
  • Thanks for the speedy delivery on the CB filter! I got it the next day! Thanks again TP 28/4/06
  • Thanks once again for your help and speedy service. I'd certainly recommend you to others PR 27/4/06
  • Hi Jim, thanks for the reply, its good to talk to someone who knows their stuff! RP 24/4/06
  • thank you for both e-mails keeping me informed, i look forward to receiving the unit.....Thanks once again, hope to do business again WM 16/3/07
  • Just to say thanks for the excellent service. Speaker arrived next day NC 10/3/06
  • Received my aerials on friday, perfect thanks and thanks for getting back to me.hope to deal with you in the future and will recommend you to my friends TC 14/2/06


  • Hi Jim, Just a quick note to say...... FANTASTIC!!! The service from 4x4cb.com was great. Thanks Again LB 18/11/05
  • I have received my order today thank you very much! Excellent service.!! I see that you included 2 off patch leads, again thank you very much, I will need them. I have placed another order with you.... Many thanks again and I will definitely be ordering from you again soon. JF 7/10/05
  • Thanks for the fantastic help and hope to be ordering more stuff from you soon! Gordon C..... (Very happy/satisfied customer) GC 1/6/05
  • What can i say about service EXCELLENT and thankyou very much IS 28/5/05
  • Many thanks for getting back to me. Brilliant help... Thanks again GC 6/4/05
  • Many thanks for your help and support, great to see some decent customer service !! TL 28/3/05
  • Thanks for the good service ;) JD 18/3/05
  • Thanks for your help and the info supplied Jim most appreciated. MG 17/3/05
  • PS you have one of the best websites I have ever browsed. So easy to use and clear. Well done. Don't change a thing. Hope to place an order with you soon P 16/3/05
  • Thanks again, and good to hear from you. Nice touch following up a sale. Not many places give such good support and customer support. JO 7/3/05
  • Hi Jim thanks for the fast and friendly service i wish everyone kept their word like you do ... once again THANKYOU IS 20/4/05
  • All arrived quickly and full installed at back of landy. First rate job thanks....Thanks again for your help GL 21/2/05
  • Hi, Well impressed turned up today, Great service C 4/2/05
  • Many thanks for rushing me a new aerial the other week. It arrived on the Saturday, ready for my excursion on the Sunday....Many thanks for your prompt service. You've been added to my favourites list. CW 31/1/05


  • The problem was with the hardware, I have no issue with your responses and would be happy to do business again if the opportunity arises. I don't suppose you do portable MP3/CD players do you? BW 17/9/04
  • Aerial arrived safe and sound before 09h00 this morning! Very Many thanks! JH 13/8/04
  • Just a quick note to let you know I received the above order in perfect condition today, shipped to my business address, as I requested. Many thanks for the excellent, speedy service, I will definitely use your company again next time I have a purchase to make AH 5/7/04
  • Maycom arrived Tuesday in good condition - I was impressed with the care you took over packaging it up. Thanks for the prompt service. SH 4/3/04
  • Hello Jim, Thanks for your reply. The personal touch is greatly appreciated especially, on-line, when it's more usual to get the standard automated replies.... l look forward to placing my order with you. Thanks for all your attention so far BL 17/6/04
  • Jim, Yes, all arrived safely. Thanks again for keeping me informed and being so honest! You have actually turned a rather disgruntled customer into a very happy one, which isn't that easy to do. Thanks again PG 7/5/04
  • Jim, Actually, I'm rather impressed, its not often that you get honesty when you query a company!!....Thanks for the quick response PG 29/4/04
  • I was going to mail you today anyway and say thanks for such a superb service! Everything arrived on time, and in one piece... I have already recommended you to several associates, and will have no qualms in doing so again!...Thanks again for your efficiency SD 26/4/04
  • Nice one, Jim. As ever I am most grateful. EJ 22/4/04
  • Thanks for the superbly quick response! It shapes up beautifully!... Your advice is greatly appreciated.... Thanks again for efficiency and advice SD 20/4/04
  • Thanks very much for all that info, you have been more than helpful , and will definitely be hearing from me soon once we have decided on which is best . Thanks again NA 19/4/04
  • Excellent service - ordered mid-afternoon and arrived at lunchtime next day. Thanks very much BW 17/4/04
  • I have purchased from you before and i have found that you offer an excellent customer services AR 20/3/04
  • Just to let you know and to say thank you for your prompt despatched item, that l requested via your web site sunday night. We are very impressed with your service and will be in contact again in the future when we need more equipment. TL 6/4/04
  • As for your site, yes, I have followed it since its launch. It is the most informative cb site I know of. I always direct our club members there MA 18/2/04
  • Thank you for your advice and service about the antenna for my LR90 this morning. NR 19/1/04
  • Just wanted to thank you for sorting out that cb package for me GO 24/2/04

2003 (Incomplete records for 2003)

  • Would just like to say thank you for your advise and help, and I will CERTAINLY recommend you for CB's LS 23/5/03
  • Thanks for the advice and quick delivery the other week. I posted this on our club website www.rhinoriders.com : Just a word for Communication 11 - www.4x4cb.com - friendly and helpful when I rang, quick delivery. NI 11/2/03
  • Would just like to say thank you for your advise and help, and I will CERTAINLY recommend you for CB's LS 23/5/03

Reccomendations of us posted on websites and forums :


Excerpts from letters we have received from happy customers - all unsolicited, we impressed these people enough that that wrote to us to express their thanks.

All these were received by LETTER not email, so it took time & the cost of a stamp for them to let us know how happy they were.

  • We have been very happy with your service and have recommended your company to many of our friends who have ordered their c.b.'s from you as well! JG 15/01/2008
  • May i thank you for your prompt and friendly service
  • PS i like your services and prices and will recommend you to anyone
  • Jim, many thanks for your great service
  • PS very satisfied with the goods received from you. Thank you
  • Hi Jim, many thanks for the fast and speedy service of my last order, enclosed is another order
  • Thanks for your speedy service
  • Thank you for your help so far with the purchase of another AH27 radio. It is nice to be able to speak to someone who is not just interested in moving boxes, but genuinely interested in listening to the customers requirements
  • Thanks for all your help and advice
  • Will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone wishing to purchase your product
  • PS thank you for the amazingly speedy service, unusual these days!
  • Finally, thanks for your advice, and an excellent and friendly service
  • By the way, great service, it's nice to find a company which sells equipment with a friendly touch
  • Dear sir, thank you very much for your help. Enclosed is my cheque for £155.48 for the various items. I shall definitely tell my colleagues in the Midland Rover Owners Club about your helpfulness, and shall definitely use you in the future
  • I must thank you once again for your help and patience!!!!
  • Just a note to say thanks for the package, there is some good info written in the catalogue
  • I am writing this letter to you because i want to say a big thankyou for the very useful information that you gave me over the telephone
  • I really do appreciate your help and service over this, should you have any vehicle stickers to send me, i will gladly advertise your company
  • May i thank you for your assistance and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous millennium
  • Just a short note to say thanks for your help with my previous order. It does make a pleasant change to deal with a company with the personal touch
  • Many thanks for the superb service. Keep it up Hi Hi !
  • Thank you for your assistance and prompt response. Despite the error, your service continues to be both excellent and extremely helpful, consequently greatly appreciated
  • Many thanks for the battery, the CB works a treat, it makes the harvest on the farm run a lot more smoothly
  • Thank you very much Communication Eleven for sending me your new catalogue. It's a great pleasure to deal with you
  • To Jim, thanks for all your help
  • Dear Communication Eleven, on behalf of my husband, i would like to say "Thank You" for your prompt delivery of his order, which arrived yesterday
  • May i thank you for your prompt and courteous service and i will most certainly pass on your details to any interested parties
  • Many thanks for all your help and advice Jim
  • Thanks very much for your speedy service. Very pleased with your choice of microphone

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