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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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UK CB Radio Specialists - Expert Advice, Competitive Prices & knowledgeable staff, Est 1996
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CB Radio For Mini's   What Equipment You Need
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What Equipment You'll Need...

Basically, you need 3 important bits of kit :

  • The CB Itself
  • An Aerial
  • An Aerial Mount to hold the aerial onto your Mini.

Don't forget these are all taken care of in our Package Deals... click here to view these!

The CB Itself :

All our sets come complete with fixing bracket & screws, microphone on a curly lead, instruction book and power lead with inline fuse which will require a simple red-to-positive / black-to-negative connection to your battery.

Modern CB’s are quite small and Mini’s have loads of places to put one - under the dash, in a centre console, even tucked beside your seat or fixed to the door.

Tip : Taking the power direct from the battery means less chance of interference from your ignition & wipers, and you can have the CB on regardless of what position your ignition key is in.

The Aerial :

You have to use a proper CB aerial - you can't use your radio aerial or some other makeshift device! This is important, as not only will an improper aerial make your CB perform very badly, it can also cause serious damage to the set!

As a general rule of thumb, the larger the aerial is, the better it's going to work - but not always!

We stock a huge array of aerials but on this site we show our recommendations for you to get a properly working system, without breaking the bank.

The Mount :

There are 4 main options for mounting an aerial on your Mini...

  • A magnetic mount on your roof...
  • A gutter mount...
  • A boot-lip mount on the upper edge of your boot lid...
  • A mount through a hole in your roof or wing.

Magnetic Mounts

This is a quick and simple way to fit a CB aerial to your mini, for either temporary or permanent installation.

You will notice that we have mag mounts on their own (if you already have an aerial, for example) and complete kits where the aerial and mag mount are supplied together.

All our magmounts - complete or on their own, come supplied with cable and a plug, ready to go. The size of a Mini means that the cable supplied is enough to reach the CB wherever you want to put it.

They have a rubber or vinyl boot to protect your paintwork from scratches and as long as you make sure the roof is clean when you put it on, there should be no marks.

If you purchase a complete kit then you can be assured that under normal wind conditions motorway speed limit speed can be achieved without any fear of the magmount moving - let alone falling off.

Problems can arise when buying a magmount for an aerial you already have, as you need to make sure that the mount will hold the aerial on.

Thick aerials present more of a wind resistance, as do rigid aerials - so deffinately best to avoid aerials like "Firestik's" which are both!

Back in the 80's (when we had much more restrictive rules on what size aerials we could have), there were quite a few aerials made with a big, thick loading coil halfway up them, and these again are a no-no for magnetic mounting.

Best to avoid aerials with a coil anywhere but at the bottom, as a top-heavy aerial can exert quite a force on your mount. Most of our aerials, and certainly all of the ones we reccommend for magnetic mounting are base-loaded.

For a temporary install, for a weekend away with your club or whatever - it's hard to beat the ease of a magmount... you just plonk it on the roof, bring the cable in somewhere, connect it to your CB set (rig) and your ready.

Magmounts can be used for more permanent installs too... most of the larger magmounts are very hard to remove from the roof without the aerial attached, so if the aerial is stored inside the vehicle or elsewhere, theft is unlikely.

If you keep your magmount in the same position over the summer, you might notice that the rest of your paintwork has faded slightly and the metal under the mount hasn't - so move it around a bit if you have it on all summer.

Gutter Mounts

These clip onto your gutter, and have two bolts that tighten down into the trough of the gutter.

The tiny areas in the bottom of the gutter where these bolts tighten down need to have some paint scraped away (to expose bare metal), to make the earth connection (see our installation page for more info on this), so gutter mounts are not really suitable for temporary installations.

Originally intended to go on the side of vehicles, the continuous gutter of a Mini means that gutter mounts can also be used on the back of the car.

Boot Mount

Another method of permanant/semi-permanant installation of an aerial - although we call these "boot mounts" in this article, the item we are talking about is called a "hatch mount" in our product list as the standard boot mount is designed for mounting on the lip of a flat boot and would make the aerial stand out at about 45' !

The "hatch mount" can be adjusted for angle, so can be fitted on the lip of a Mini's boot lid and still have the aerial upright.

This is quite an effective method of mounting, although the close proximity of the glass and metal can sometimes alter the tuning of your aerial, but not all aerials are affected to the same degree.

As with the gutter mounting, you need to scrape away a bit of paint on 2 small areas, where the screws that hold the mount on need to make the earth connection. These are made on the INSIDE of the lip and will not be noticeable if you remove the mount.

The cable will end up inside your boot, so can easily be routed through to where you have put the CB.

Through Hole Mounting

If you are wanting a permanent installation, and are not too worried about a bit of work taking the headlining down a bit and replacing it again so a mount can be fitted in your roof, and not too worried about drilling a hole - this is the most satisfactory way of doing it...

We have a cb/radio splitter that allows you to use a CB aerial for both the CB and your car stereo, allowing you to replace the car radio aerial with a CB aerial, and still only have one aerial on the car.

If you use this with a large aerial (4 feet or longer), you can expect to get better signals on your car radio too!

Through-hole mounting has a number of advantages over some of the other methods, although unless you particularly want to go to the time and effort it would take - it might be best to stick with a magmount or guttermount.

  • All your cables are inside the vehicle...
  • If placed near the middle of your roof, you will get the most even all-round transmission and reception pattern - placing a mount on the side of a vehicle (guttermount for example) can make the signal slightly directional)...
  • It allows you to make a really neat job (if you want to) and hide all the cables away, completely out of sight...
  • It's deffinately the visually less noticeable method of fixing an aerial to the car - no dangling cables, big magmounts or unsightly guttermounts.

When tightened correctly, through-hole mounts are waterproof so you don't have to worry about leaks.

The image opposite is of the Sirio Taifun aerial which is designed to look like the "Beesting" aerial found on the New Mini (and VW Golf's etc) and does an excellent job of hiding the fact that you have a CB in the car.

Any other bits??

There are a few items you could maybe do with...

Click here for info on useful accessories

Purchase online, securely, at any time!


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